Cute and wholesome video of Frank Maglio doing a duet of Led Zeppelin's Stairway to heaven with his parrot, acoustic, aww, animals, pets, birds

Video: 'Stairway To Heaven' Is Better When Duetted With A Parrot

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Twitter roasts Jonathan Kay of Quillette for using Arm & Hammer dog shampoo | so it turns out I've been using dog shampoo on my hair for the last few months. (I only discovered it when I ran out and needed to get more.) this is partly my own fault but it doesnt help that @ArmandHammer has the word "pets" in like 4-pt typeface. I'm guessing this is common

Twitter's Roasting A Dude For Admitting To Using Dog Shampoo

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Funny dank memes about cats | Pours snacks into bowl Cat Doesn't want Shakes bowl little Cat: Is for me blushing cat pointing fingers | no talk im angy very small kittens facing away from the viewer

46 Dumb Cat Memes For The Feline Fiends

For the crazy cat people!
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Funny meme about the difference in how cat and dog owners talk about their pets breeds, wojak comic | Dog Owners: What breed is that Husky No! That's an Alaskan Malamute!!! Cat Owners: Hey, What breed is Cat.
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funny memes When someone asks why I'm smiling at my phone 'twas a cat
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Normal Behavior

funny memes, memes, funny, dogs, pets | Petting a strangers dog: Level 1,000,000 woman lying on the pavement with a dog
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animals, animal memes, bird memes, funny memes, wholesome memes, birds, parrots, chickens | sorry my mom said no tiny chick peeking out from under mama chicken | Do understand fucked are right now seagulls stepping on a pigeon

37 Funny Bird-Themed Memes Because Why Not

These memes quacked us up
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Cute Cats, Cute Animals, Animal Pictures, Pets, Then And Now, Before And After, Funny Memes, Wholesome Memes pics before and after glow up kittens growing up into cats

38 Pictures Of Cuddly Cats Then And Now

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Funny Tweets, Twitter Memes, Twitter, Dank Memes, Animals, Pets, Cats, Plot Twists | Eric Schmidt @TalkingSchmidt You guys would not believe the roller coaster of emotions I've been through | Dad got some bad news. Kitty has been missing since last night mom drove neighborhood just now, she found her street near house mom is pretty emotional so please reach out can and offer support. Oh no. So sorry hear this Sister Man. Just got off phone with her-she's definitely very broken up about Give her

Twitter Thread: Man Recounts Harrowing Tale Of Loss With Unexpected Plot Twists

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Funny images of cats standing up on their hind legs | adorable cats and kittens standing upright like people

Twenty-Six Totally Pointless Pics Of Cats Standing Up On Two Feet

Some purr-fectly pointless entertainment.
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Funny cat memes | meows my cat My cat hearing make 10 grammatical errors just one meow: | No one's ever gonna love with attitude cat giving a thumbs up

Very Dumb Cat Memes Purr-Fect For Wasting Time

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He Can Almost Taste It

Funny meme that reads, "So close, yet so far away" above photos of a cat trying to eat a muffin under a slab of glass
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Funny memes about cats | start drift off but then brain reminds something stupid said 9 years ago. | cat sleeping under sunny side up fried egg blanket

Twenty-Two Cat Memes Littered With Cute And Dumb Humor

Cats are little sh*ts, but we love 'em anyway!
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So Sad :(

Funny tweet that reads, "New boyfriend is allergic to kitten so can't keep him :( He's ginger & named Tom. Friendly. Comes when called. 28 years old and works in IT"
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Funny memes about plants | spouse notices $200 missing bank account leonardo dicaprio laughing with a plant | Houseplants am aware effect have on women @OfficialPlantMemes The Office Idris Elba

Twenty-Three Plant Memes For Plant-Obsessed People

Plant people *really* love memes.
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Funny and cute memes about animals | My cats seeing ceiling fan spin first time | Dille @dillelicious Ollie has two settings: high alert, and cozy pigeon

Twenty-One Animal Memes Full Of High-Quality Cuteness

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