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Paul Ryan for Vice Bro-sident

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Let's Hear About Their First Date

paul ryan Mitt Romney dating love - 6627079680
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Vice Presidential Debate Bingo

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Good Luck With That

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How Am I Supposed to Catch Them All Under These Conditions?

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Aliens Support Romney

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Bad Lip Reading paul ryan Video - 42693121

Paul Ryan Gets The Bad Lip Reading Treatment

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Sad Paul Ryan Totally Looks Like Robert from Guess Who

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Stingray! Stop Photobombing My OTP!

kissing Mitt Romney otp paul ryan slash - 6619529984
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Four Hours Before Romney's Univision Appearance...

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Wise Words from Paul Ryan

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To Be Fair, Balloons Are Really Exciting

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Paul Ryan Does Not Call Mitt Romney "The Stench"

Mitt Romney paul ryan reporting - 6616550912

I'm Listening

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Touch of Grey Optional

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But That Doesn't Count

Mitt Romney paul ryan teleprompter - 6546096384
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