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Ran It in Less than 12 Parsecs

lying olympics paul ryan time - 6573585920
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The Americans Could Use a Few Pointers

paul ryan threat Vladimir Putin - 6566470912
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At Least He's Making the Best of It

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Paul Ryan Knocked Over By Pack Of Rambunctious Romney Boys

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Paul Ryan's Response to Critics

paul ryan response - 6579016448
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Romneh 2012!

campaign Mitt Romney paul ryan vote - 6578990336

Obama Regrets Dressing Down Jack Ryan or Whatever His Name Is

barack obama mistake paul ryan - 6576459264

Of Course, I Might Cry if You Don't

cry crying john boehner paul ryan vice president - 6544491008
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Rick Santorum Kawaii Desu

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Paul Ryan Totally Looks Like Matthew Morrison

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Chris Van Hollen on Paul Ryan

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The Most Delicious Protest of All

eating health Michelle Obama paul ryan - 6521090560
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Who Built It?

Mitt Romney native americans paul ryan we built it - 6555153152

A Good Line is a Good Line

Clint Eastwood dirty harry go ahead paul ryan - 6512641024
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Wanna Hear a Joke?

meme Mitt Romney paul ryan poor people totally looks like - 6552676096

Evita Paulron

musical paul ryan singing song - 6552499712
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