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Mitt Romney debate paul ryan Bad Lip Reading barack obama 2012 joe biden - 44174081

Bad Lip Reading: 2012 Debate Highlights

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Me... Me...

song Mitt Romney paul ryan - 6646969856
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I Thought You Could Just Go In the Suit

wait vice president debate pee paul ryan joe biden - 6715749376
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Story Of My Life

paul ryan joe biden - 6665402368
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Paul Ryan Totally Looks Like Archer

funny TLL politics republican TV animation archer paul ryan - 6693012992

#horsesandbayonets of the Day

Mitt Romney paul ryan horses debate - 6696988928

It's What We're All Thinking!

joe biden paul ryan vice-presidential debate frustrated - 6678401280
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Biden West vs. Ryan Swift

joe biden paul ryan debate imma let you finish kanye west Sarah Palin - 6664307712
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Campaign Promises

Mitt Romney barack obama joe biden paul ryan campaign - 6681597952
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The Bellamy Brothers Ain't got Nothin' on Me

funny politics republican paul ryan - 6678178560
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Video republican paul ryan - 43297025

Video of Paul Ryan's Dishwashing Publicity Stunt

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I Will Do What You Tell Me

paul ryan girl flirting - 6627022336
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The Right to Bare Arms

paul ryan hey girl NRA endorsement guns - 6663191552
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Thanks... but No Thanks

funny politics paul ryan republican Music celeb Kid Rock - 6674822656
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paul ryan exercise rnc speech Video - 43132161

Paul Ryan's Fitness Commercial

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So Fun. Yippeee!...

paul ryan Mitt Romney pointing fun crowd - 6588252160
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