Funny posts from satirical Instagram account Obvious Plant | CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts WARNING: rchidren under 3 years 5+76664 wioue obvious plant MUPPET SCREAMS forced Muppet scream into this bag Absorb its power! Smell its fear! Asmt Nind RINCA kermit 8 ESPANTASUE 22-72945 DE HIKING TIP Remember, if get lost woods. STAY WHERE ARE (because don't like please don't come back just kidding actually increases chances being found) Angeles National Forest Obvious Plant

Bunch Of Times Obvious Plant Slayed Us With Total Nonsense

We always love a healthy dose of Obvious Plant!
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funny tumblr parody of mr. brightside by the killers using the star wars prequels as a theme, anakin skywalker, obi wan kenobi | child anakin skywalker walking in sand with a backpack: wakeupontheprongssideofthebed Coming out as slave, and imma join jedi

Tumblr Star Wars Parody Of 'Mr. Brightside' Just Hits Right

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Totally Normal, Nothing To See Here

Funny meme showing "Adolescent healthy normal turtles" as a parody of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Via tujkylk
Funny 'are you in the right headspace' twitter meme

'Are You In The Right Headspace' Memes Parody Another Insensitive Text Template

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Funny Twitter parodies of The Beatles song "Eleanor Rigby"

Ridiculous 'Eleanor Rigby' Parodies For The Beatles Fans

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Funny parody tweets about how Michelangelo was only 24 years when he constructed the Pieta sculpture

'Michelangelo' Twitter Meme Highlights How Unsuccessful We All Are

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Funny tweets making fun of Daily Mail, parody called the daily male which reports on the appearance of male celebrities, danny devito, chris evans, ricky gervais, chris pratt, piers morgan, the rock, ryan reynolds.

Genius Twitter Account Gives Male Celebs The Shallow Tabloid Treatment

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Funny tweets making fun of 'Christian Girl Autumn'

'Christian Girl Autumn' Is The New Cringey Version Of 'Hot Girl Summer'

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Funny parody tweets about EasyJet's 'backless seats'

Airline's 'Backless Seats' Controversy Is Stirring Up Some Golden Twitter Parodies

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royal family Archie queen elizabeth twitter meghan markle england royal baby Prince Harry parody UK funny tweets - 8340229

The Newborn Royal Baby Is Getting Roasted On Twitter For His Peculiar Name

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Yeah That Was Odd...

Funny tweet from Weird Al that reads, "I'm not sure how comfortable I am with them using a parody of 'Amish Paradise' in the Sonic the Hedgehog trailer"
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slap to the face tweets

'Slap In The Face' Parody Tweets Are Hilarious Political Satire At Its Finest

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old town road funny video funny memes parody Memes minecraft - 96870657

'Old Town Road' Meets Minecraft In This Hilarious Parody

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cross surviving notre dame fire

Cringey Notre Dame Tweet About God Is Getting Singed By Heathens Who Are Definitely Going To Hell

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It's A Hard World Out There, Kid

Fake news headline that reads, "Johnson & Johnson introduces 'Nothing but Tears' shampoo to toughen up newborns
Via SmileLikeAKat
jk rowling parodies

JK Rowling Is Being Parodied Once Again With This Hilarious Twitter Challenge

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