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A Guy Has Been Photoshopping Paddington Bear Into a Different Movie Every Day for Almost a Year

In 2014, Britain's favorite marmalade-loving bear came to life in the first live action adaptation of A Bear Called Paddington, the classic children's book by English author Michael Bond. On June 10th, 2014 a still from the film was released to promote Paddington. The picture featured a grinning CGI Paddington Bear standing in front of Buckingham Palace in his blue duffle coat, floppy hat, and carrying a shabby briefcase. Something about the image inspired the internet, because people began plac
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facebook memes, baby boomers, larping, boomer humor, funny, memes, parody, funny comments, comedy, parody, facebook | Dakota Jade will NOT be coming Barbara's potluck tomorrow DO NOT ASK WHY Randy Miller COME | Zeon D V Kitchiner Please help do change 4 pdfs into single document?

20+ Posts From A Parody Facebook Group Where People LARP As Boomers

Comedy gold
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Unsettling Deepfakes of Tom Cruise Prove Technology Has Gone Too Far

Thanks, I hate it
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If Megachurches Were Honest | Honest Ads (Mars Hill, Hillsong, Bethel, Lakewood Church Parody)

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Ironic Sigma Memes That Poke Fun At Hustle Culture

Transform your mindset into a grindset
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MordeTwi Is Back and the Fandom Is Weirder Than Ever

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars...
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Cracked Remade 'Loki' with a Budget of Only $20

And the results are pretty amusing
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yikes, twitter, news, fail, the onion, funny headlines, facepalm, parody, satire, memes, lol, stupid people, gullible, fake news, funny tweets, fake headlines, satirical |  Onion @TheOnion Am Immortal Screams 90-Year-Old British Woman Embarking On Epic Post- Vaccination Bender TheOnion umm this is fake news did not happen. are talking about picture is right there | THEONION.COM City Chicago Working Around Clock Clear 18 Inches Bullet Casings Streets 102 13 Comments O Like Comment This is fake,

18 Poor Fools Who Fell For The Onion's Satire

And other satirical publications
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cracked movies parody Bloopers funny mission impossible - 106996225

Mission Impossible For $20 | Deleted Scenes And Bloopers

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How Every Conversation Will Be For The Next Few Months

Small talk in the time of Covid
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31 Posts From A Facebook Group Where Everyone Pretends To Be Boomers

Pure comedy gold
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Video: If Fantasy Characters Made Movies About Our World

Painfully spot on
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Video: When The Writers Obviously Want To Kill Off A Character

Hilariously spot-on parody
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Video: British Woman Trying To Make Korean Food Results In Comedy Gold

'Kays Cooking' is our new favorite cooking show
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Funny Comments, Facebook, Twitter, Funny Headlines, Satire, The Onion, Parody | Here is ladies and gentlemen website hiring professional protesters s not conspiracy theory PROTESTJOBS.COM Professional Protesters ire startin 9! This is satire site and conservatives are idiots thinking its real | Toy Genocide Disney Under Pressure Remove Woody Toy Story Crimes Against Native Americans Satire prageru don't fight real evil and real racism oppose Woody Toy Genocide Toy Story.

34 Credulous People Who Fell For Obvious Satire

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Video: Elon Musk Interviews Himself In Brilliant Re-edit

Someone is putting their editing skills to good use
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