fake satirical history memes

14 Fake History Memes That Are The Epitome Of Satire

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cover image for list of funny pie charts with examples of what i do at work and pie charts i don't understand

15 Pie Chart Memes That'll Give Your Life A Fresh Perspective

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What A Good Deal

Funny online advertisement of a guy selling an "invisibility cloak" for $300
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He Bad

Caption that reads, "Elmo leads his fellow bloods in a quick getaway after a successful drive-by shooting" under a pic of Elmo from Sesame Street riding bikes with some small children
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instances of people falling for satire

14 Hilarious Times Satirical Headlines Just Didn't Get Through To People's Brains

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I'm A Catch

Caption that reads, "Yeah, I'm cute - C:ringey, U:nbelievably annoying, T:rash, E:asy to forget"
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Satirical Tumblr post about Bigfoot being real but not visible because he disappears when he turns to the side
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birds are not real

15 Absurd Sh*tposts From The Mind Of 'Birds Aren't Real'

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Fake Trump tweet that reads, "Sent out 300 million texts the other day and not one person responded but okay"
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models instagram parody satire actress fake eating lies kendall jenner - 6865925

12 Hilarious Pics Of Beautiful Models Pretending To Eat Things

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funny the onion headlines

14 Spicy Headlines From 'The Onion' That Just Speak To Us

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Fake history

14 Fake History Memes That Are So Wrong, Yet So Right

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gordon ramsay kitchen nightmares bot

'Kitchen Nightmares Bot' Tweets Out Hysterical Fake Episodes

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parody tweets Harry Potter parody trending memes know your meme funny tweets first dates funny twitter dating Dragon Ball Z kirby sonic - 6731781

People Are Tweeting About The Cringiest First Dates They've Ever Witnessed

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trump tweet and memes about treason

Trump's 'TREASON?' Tweet Is Inspiring Some Pretty Clever Parodies

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Funny casino royale poker parody memes/

Casino Royale Parody Memes Are Blowin' Up On 4chan

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