Funny memes, parenting memes, parenting tweets, dank memes, kids, raising kids | Parent This is serious. Are Listening Kid dinosaur noises michael scott the office | Henpecked Hal @HenpeckedHal Last night, my 3 year old kicked during tantrum. As tucked him bed later, he apologized never kick again he said, pulling closer and kissing my cheek Just do exactly tell do and 'l never have kick again My son is mobster.

Parenting Tidbits For The Tired & Out Of Patience

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Mom, Stop

Funny 'Is This A Pigeon' meme illustrating how parents assume that any online friend is a wanted criminal
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Well Gosh Darn It

Funny meme that about a dad purposefully breaking his kid's toy so that it doesn't make annoying noises anymore Sarcastically Surprised Kirk | Kid: [sobbing] Something happened to my toy, Daddy! It's not making sounds any more! You:
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Thanks Mom

Funny meme featuring the angry flower from Cuphead about moms not returning texts and calls | My Mom when I miss one of her calls My Mom when she misses three of my calls, ten text messages, and a pigeon I sent
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Mom Stop

Funny meme that reads, "Whenever my mom is losing an argument with me" above an image of Spongebob holding a box with the writing, "I carried you for nine months"
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Is All Of This Really Necessary

Funny meme using pro wrestling to depict moms with smartphones | When i open mom's phone Brightness Font Sound Notifications Apps run in background
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C'mon MOM

Funny meme that reads, "When you go to the store with your mom and she sees someone she knows and starts talking to them" above a photo of a guy sleeping in a department store
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Funny memes about being pregnant | is this a pigeon? IS THIS. CONTRACTION? BRAXTON HICKS | LETS GET PREGNANT 2020! LET'S GET PREGNANT 2020! GLOBAL PANDEMIC

Fifteen Pregnancy Memes For All The Moms-To-Be

Men will never understand this pain.
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*Leaves Room*

Funny meme featuring Guardians of the Galaxy about relatives making fun of you and you don't want to be around them because of it | My family: OMG you never sit and talk with us! We don't know anything about you! Me: *shares interests* My family:
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Funny and edgy memes | old woman supporting a man throwing up inside a garbage can: grandma takes out birthday and discovers lightweight bring shame this family. arthur and buster: buying dog collar and leash Cashier asking breed own

22 Mildly Edgy Memes For When You Need A Bit Of Spice

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cringey, facebook, dad | Travis Fiaiuiare is with Samantha Fieleige January 1 at 7:46 PM o Happy New year 2019 Married Samantha Fi e January 1 | Travis Fiminigme Well we took a dna at the pig station and sammy aint my kid so who ever dont like it then hell dont talk to me and if that still dont work then hell ill start bashing head and i dont care who u rr think ur come mess with the bull youll get the horns 2w Like Reply Jason Evans Sr Travis Fiedge i wont judge. Goid luck to you travis.

Dude Creates Facebook Cringe Tsunami After Marrying His Daughter

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Kid Pics And Memes | good morning hustlers remember pull out man lying in bed with a child's feet stepping on his head | James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn @XplodingUnicorn just congratulated kid throwing up on tile instead carpet case wondered far standards fall parent

14 Kid Pics And Memes That'll Make You Want to Rethink Procreation

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Don't Worry About Me

Tweet about someone at a therapy session whose parents taught them to not take up any emotional real estate | Sam Reich therapist: so what's troubling you? me: my parents taught me to be so polite that now i have trouble taking up any emotional real estate and how does that make you feel? fine
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Memes about bad parents | Parents why is our son not successful Also parents during my childhood have no skills and loser! squidward | Mom claims she'll support anyone who comes out her comes out as bi Mom weren't supposed do STATE UNION Donald Trump

Depressing Memes About Bad Parents

The struggle is real.
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This Guy Deserves An Award

Funny meme that reads, "Dad challenges kids to draw him sleeping so he can have a nap" above a photo of a guy sleeping on a couch with kids drawing him
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Reddit thread about weird household rules that their parents and guardians implemented, strict parents | posted by  Zenosparadox1 sick couldn't be my bed because would make dirty. My mom put towel corner on hardwood floor and had stay there until she dee!ed better enough use my bed

Redditors Share Weird Household Rules They Grew Up With

Some parents are STRICT.
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