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Adults Sheepishly Recall The Dumbest Things They Believed As Kids

The magic of childhood!
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Mom Shares Amusing Anecdote About Son’s Least Favorite Song

Always speak your truth
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Funny, crazy, and cringey posts from advice sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers, and Reddit, overbearing parents, crazy parenting

Unhinged Cringe From The Pits Of Advice Forums

RIP Yahoo Answers
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Funny dad makes joke about mom's gargling, sex joke, dirty joke, naughty

Quick-Witted Dad Makes Dirty Joke and Mom's Not Mad About It

It's almost always disturbing to hear parents talk about “the old” days and their naughty exploits. But sometimes, they do it in a way that's so funny we can let it slide.
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Woman Reveals Boyfriend Brought His Whole Gaming Rig To Her Hospital Birth

A KO while she gets KO’d
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Funny Reddit posts about dads who didn't want pets originally but now love them | r/dadswhodidnotwantpets My dad do not need cat do not want cat will not take care cat" Also my dad: builds handmade cat bed with wheels on | now dad gets mad whenever anyone calls him bad dog bc He'S sEnSiTIVe bReEd

15 Times Reluctant Dads Broke Down And Got A Pet Anyway

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Funny text messages from concerned parents to their kids | nic @nicananti Replying rfarawi_ At least she greeted first. Yesterday 12:10 AM Hey can stay out till 12mid night. Are street girl. Come home immediately. iMessage 1:59 PM 7/26/20 Twitter iPhone

20+ Times Overbearing Parents Took Their Concern to Amusing Heights

Chill, mom and dad.
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Woman Astounds The Internet With Claim That Her Mom Used To Write Her School Assignments

"Supportive" parenting
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Kid Climbs The Shelves In Lowe’s, Inspires Witty Jokes From Twitter

Forbidden jungle gym
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Funny tweets about parents | ann Gteenagepuppy My dad finally found out about my tattoo and won't stop giving shit | LB GLucybelleH 2 Follow Mum s not picture Jesus KEEP CALM ESUS LOVES

20+ Times Parents Did The Darndest Things

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Girl Makes Deepfake of Dead Grandpa for Her Mom's Birthday, Mom is Horrified

Remember when Kanye reanimated the late Robert Kardashian into a creepy holographic deepfake for Kim's birthday? Sure, she feigned gratitude at the time, but they're divorced now. Just saying. For people who have never lost a loved one, reanimating a deceased relative might seem like a cool idea. But for those who have gone through the pain and grief of loss, the experience of seeing an uncanny copy of someone they love and will never see again might be pretty traumatic. Redditor u/ThrowRAFamil
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Woman Reveals To Parents That She’s A Stripper Via PowerPoint

From drawing all over the walls to stealing from their alcohol stash, we’ve all had to have multiple difficult conversations with our parents growing up. While the threat of getting grounded may have gone away in adulthood, it hasn’t stopped the opportunity for the occasional necessary but awkward dialogue. Parts of our lifestyles may have the potential to cause familial disagreement, but as one woman has shown, sometimes it’s all about how you handle it. When @mildwestsami’s sister decided to …
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Funny and relatable memes - cover memes of smells like day drinking when one small inconvenience happens and trying to see thru eyes full of tears

Hauntingly Relatable Memes That Speak The Truth

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Wholesome twitter thread about the perks of parents jobs while growing up, childhood

Nostalgic Twitter Users Reminisce About The Perks & Pitfalls Of Their Parents Jobs

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Guy Badmouths Girlfriend’s Dad In Front Of His Doorbell Camera, Instant Regret Ensues

Caught in 4K.
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Insane Family Secrets Mysterious Dads Casually Revealed to Their Kids

Parents can be so enigmatic
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