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What The Hell YouTube

Funny meme expressing that YouTube loads its ads very quickly and the actual videos very slowly
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Funny video advertising a product called 'The Baby Boomer,' which does absolutely nothing

Hilarious Video Advertises 'The Baby Boomer' To Fix Any Problem

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Hot Damn, Beverly

Funny meme about old woman on facebook talking about using the wheelchair emoji after she has crazy sex.
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But They Aren't *Real* People

Funny Shrek meme about old people who stare at anyone who doesn't look "conventional"
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Funny tweets about Joe Biden's 'Joe30330' slip-up in the democratic debates

Joe Biden Is Getting Roasted For Not Quite Grasping The Whole 'Technology' Thing

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Funny memes about being a Millennial

18 Creepily Relatable Memes For Sad Millennials

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Funny pictures from the age filter app

The New FaceApp Age Filter Has The Internet Goin' Geriatric

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Happy memes, wholesome memes, animal memes, happy pictures.

28 Happy & Wholesome Pics For Those Who Need A Pick-Me-Up

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My Name's Jim - Divorced, Ex-Marine, America

Caption that reads, "This is every old man's Facebook profile picture and it's always uploaded nine times" above a front-facing-camera photo of a husky
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Jello history gross 1950s cinco de mayo disgusting food vintage advertisement wtf old people baby boomers - 8481285

14 WTF Vintage Food Ads That Prove The Past Was A Godless Wasteland Of Horrible Taste

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Where's The Lie?

Funny meme using picture of a wrestler, ultimate warrior, to describe how old people wake up at 4am ready to go to mcdonald's to read the paper.
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Those Damn Millennials Are So Oblivio- Oh Wait

Caption that reads, "Don't blame technology" above a photo of a bunch of Millennials staring at their smartphones in 2016, above a photo taken in 1916 of a bunch of people reading newspapers
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It's Yer Boys

Funny meme about millennial fashion.
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Calm Down Betty

Caption that reads, "Person with tattoos: *going about their day;* Old white woman: ..." above a pic of an ugly hairless cat looking angry wearing a sweater
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obituary storytime story wtf died dead old people rip - 8075781

Guy's Totally Nutso Obituary Will Take You For A Wild Ride

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I Had No Idea??

Tweet that reads, "Another Baby Boomer at work looked at the tattoo on my arm and said 'You know those are permanent, right?' and I said no"
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