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Funny times old people failed at social media

Funny Posts From Old People Who Haven't Mastered Social Media

They're so special.
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Wholesome Boomer Moments and Endearing Gaffes

As much as boomers and millennials seem to love warring on the internet over who screwed the world up, we can't let ourselves forget how awesome old people can be, especially when they attempt to use some new kind of tech for the first time. It's also important to remember that we're all going to be boomers some day—time will make sure of that. And hopefully in the decades to come, when millennials inevitably hold the boomer torch, we'll end up on meme pages that poke fun at our little incompet…
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People Explain All the Relatable Things They Can't Tolerate As They Get Older

The list is long
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Funny posts from old people on social media

Funny Instances of Old People Trying and Sometimes Failing to Use the Internet

People are often surprised when I tell them that my 92-year-old grandmother is capable of sending me emails. They're surprised that my Grandfather posts to my Facebook, and still calls me to describe his dreams. While they've both got a pretty good handle on using the world wide web, there's plenty of people their age (even boomers) who consistently fail to use social media, and even Google, properly. While sometimes their failures or inappropriate diatribes can be offensive, many of the online…
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Funny tweets, grandma gets high on weed brownies

People Riff on Amazing Video of Grandma Who Went Too Hard With Special Brownies

She got more than she bargained for
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Funny twitter meme inspired by video of old people gambling

Bleak Video of Old People Playing Slots Inspires Twitter Meme Excellence

Most casinos are chaotic and depressing places . The free booze, cool temperatures, and desperation combine to create a place that can inspire excitement, but more often misery and disappointment. My times at casinos have started with optimism, the truth is that I have no freaking idea what I'm doing, and I usually walk away with the most minor of gains or break even. It's underwhelming and sometimes unsettling. But it's always the atmosphere that leaves me the most spooked. TikToker @nlwestfal…
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Weary Cashier Speaks Out Against Elderly Customers for Trauma Dumping on Workers

Reel it in
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Great Grandma Has Near Death Experience, Wakes Up and Demands Soup

Talk about a comeback
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Humorous & Wholesome Posts From Old People on Social Media

They're trying.
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Woman Is Flabbergasted By Elderly Lady's 'Secret' To Leading A Long Life

OK, Annie??
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Funny social media posts and comments written by old people | Katie Sep. 7 at 7:55 .m 8 love my neighbour is so committed his lawn pouring rain does not stop him cutting his grass at 7:45 am on Saturday. 4 4 Comments Like Comment Send Jane 'S LITTLE DUMB HOPE HE DOESNT US AN ELECTRIC MOWER

Funny Times Senior Citizens Made the Internet a Better Place

"It's time for you to STOP sending me this crap!!"
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Over 60s Twerk Competition Sets Twitter Alight

This is talent
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Pole Dancer Performs For Senior Center, Receives Rapturous Response

Unexpectedly wholesome
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Entertaining & Wholesome Boomer Moments From Musicians And Their Fans

They are trying
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Funny and cool video from TikTok and Twitter about Grandma old lady singing Dragula by Rob Zombie at a karaoke Bar friday night

Badass Grandma Murders Rob Zombie's 'Dragula' At Karaoke Bar

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Danish Dude Claims There Are No Old People In NYC, New Yorkers Clap Back

Another day, another bad Twitter take. It's amazing how confident some people are when expressing incredibly dumb opinions. Today's winner of the bold stupidity prize is Paul Hünermund , an assistant professor in Copenhagen, Denmark. You never see old people in the streets of NYC. In Copenhagen you do. It's a real city, not just some romcom dream for 20-somethings. — Paul Hünermund (@PHuenermund) February 5, 2022 Hünermund managed to piss off a whole lot of Twitter users from the Big Apple with…
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