unbreakable nokia condoms - 6996737024
Created by Emi_Chan

Carrying on the Family Legend

nokia cell phones parents - 6925776128
Created by Unknown

Drop Test

nokia iphone 5 - 6911494912
Created by crsfly

I Broke Physics

nokia numb poker face cell phone texting - 6863769088
Created by racheyB

And I Shall Destroy Them All

nokia zombie phone not bad self referential - 6843019008
Created by bellsandwhistles


nokia space jump red bull phone earth - 6720143616
Created by Jazzure

Stronger Than Nokia

blankets noises nokia shield strange - 6610583808
Created by Unknown

No One Understands Me

are you kidding me nokia so close truancy story - 6580746240
Created by PaulRocks39

They Should Make Handcuffs Out of These

glue nokia paper wtf - 6565762304
Created by Unknown

Rage Comics: This Happened to Me the Other Day

nokia voicemail - 6551543040
Created by pugsforjames


nokia phone tough guy - 6520658176
Created by thezebra

How Did it Even Penetrate the Case?

bullet news nokia - 6512406528
Created by tetris57 ( Via Tom's Hardware )

Connecting People.. but at What Cost?!

Cleverbot god nokia Raisins (Super F raisins-super-fuuuu what - 6506001408
Created by Tr0llzor

The Only Valid Counterattack

Cleverbot god nokia Text Stuffs - 6494976256
Created by jleprince

Rage Comics: He Huffed, and He Puffed, and He Couldn't Budge a Single One

nokia Rage Comics - 6433453312
Created by shooterboss

Apple "Innovation"

apple best of week blackberry nokia phones the internets - 6390425088
Created by Unknown