nokia Harry Potter voldemort - 60954113

Voldemort's Final Horcrux

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The Phone That Keeps on Giving

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Via speckzo

They Should Change That to Protecting People

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It's a Vicious Cycle

nokia phones smartphones 2013 - 7276147200
Created by Rabid_Raccoon

Great Photo!

nokia photos faces - 7836851456

Remember When You Were Cutting Edge?

nokia blackberry g rated AutocoWrecks - 7830241536

Nokia's Successor to the N-Gage.

nokia nicolas cage - 7801745152
Created by MyLittleRapidash

Seems Legit

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The End of Arguments

nokia chuck norris broken funny - 6148084480
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Nuoh My God...

nokia cell phones mother of god - 7164718080
Created by fenixeffect

Ultimate Power is in His Hands

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Best Argument Ever

nokia valid argument - 7102504960
Created by Riley88

This Time Baby I'll be Bulletproof

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It Must be Indestructible!

first day on the internet kid nokia Net Noob - 7032217088
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You Thought They Were Indestructible Before...

nokia phones mother of god - 7014822144
Created by hipsterbot

This'll Take Care of Those Fake Injury Reactions

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