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A Nostalgia-Tinged Thread About Obsolete Tech for Millennials Who Want to Feel Old

Seems like just yesterday I was playing snake on my indestructible Nokia 3310 and asking my parents to buy me a clear glacier GameBoy Advance. Now they're literally putting Microsoft Zunes and iMac G3s in museums. If you needed another reason to feel old, this Twitter thread full of nostalgic pictures of old tech will take you on a trip down memory lane. What was up with all the colorful transparent hardware in the 90s? And can we bring that back? Today's world of slick, elegant design could use
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Funny memes for if you ever feel useless | If ever feel useless just remember Bing's top searched word is google Top 10 Bing Search Queries World google 44 million youtube 33 million facebook 31 million gmail 15 million get help windows 10 12 million yahoo 7 million amazon 6 million facebook log 6 million hotmail S million get help with file explorer windows 10 5 million 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 | If ever feel useless just think Kelly Nelson Costume Designer JENNIFER BRYAN Art Director BJA

20+ Memes That Might Make You Feel Less Useless

A difficult task, to be sure.
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Make Sense

Funny meme about tom riddle, nokia phone as a horcrux.
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Funny meme about Nokia protective case being useless.
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nokia Video hydraulic press - 78879745

Your Old Nokia May Be Strong, But It's Got No Chance Against This Hydraulic Press

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nokia drop mobile phones test drones Video win - 75141889

These Guys Dropped a Nokia From 900ft To See if it is Really is an Indestructible Phone

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Can Your iPhone Do This?

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nokia fire Video - 73863937

You Could Take a Nokia to Hell and Still Phone Home

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Oh! You Said "Mail It to Me," Not "Nail It to Tree!"

nokia phones Nailed It - 7186195712
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nokia Video - 73528833

Can the Indestructible Nokia Handle the Heat of a Red Hot Nickel Ball?

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History Repeats Itself


Not Even Ganondorf Can Handle the Nokia 3310

nokia the legend of zelda - 8449797376
Created by sness107 ( Via sness107 )

Proof That It is Possible to Destroy Nokia Phones

nokia phones gifs - 8443277568
Created by anselmbe

The Only Thing Nokia Couldn't Withstand Was Getting Bought Out

nokia tough apple funny - 8364127232
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The Results From Attempting to Bend a Nokia

cell phone gifs iPhones nokia ouch thumbs - 8335152896
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Looks Like He Shot It

nokia guns chuck norris funny - 8329085696
Created by Unknown
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