This Wasn't in the Prenup

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By Unknown

Nicolas Cage in "Con Air" Totally Looks Like Chad Kroeger of Nickelback

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On Sale? Nice Try, Facebook

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By Aerobaby37

That's For Darn Sure

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Two of the Worst Things, Now Just One!

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Failbook: How to Decide Who to Unfriend on Facebook

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By Unknown

Oh God Why

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By Elmoplus

Look At This Photograph!

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Art of Trolling: My Dome Does Have Some Demons

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So Close...

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By Drewtos

The Worst Thing in the Universe

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By Unknown

This Is How... You Spread Rumors

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That's Why She's Always in a Bad Mood

Photo caption - A little bit of nickelback gets my day going great :) Like Comment 9 hours ago via mobile YOUMUST BE NEW HERE. MEMEBASE
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A Bargain at Any Price

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Look at This Photograph... of The Only Thing Worse than Nickelback

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