Helping a Friend Out

friends nickelback friendzone relationships sir dating - 7650470400
Created by ninechrome

Don't Remind Me, Mom...

nickelback parenting pr0n mom - 7629078272
Created by Unknown

I Don't Know What to Hell You're Talking About

hell nickelback angry funny - 7576516864
Created by canaries85

They're Too Terrible to Remember

Canada nickelback funny band - 7564017408
Created by kudypro

Welcome to a New Brand of Warfare

Canada war nickelback justin bieber - 7414200576
Created by Unknown

I'm Dead Center in This Graph

hate horrible nickelback band - 4521525760
Created by Unknown

Youthful Errors

nickelback likes oh god why - 7094483456
Created by Krash1217

Great Now That Song Is Stuck in My Head

Music horrible song nickelback - 3353992192
See all captions Created by FrankieDudeUltimate

I See Something of a Correlation Here

nickelback relationships facebook - 6758405376
Created by Unknown

Chrome Side Up

nickelback chrome - 6721628416
Created by Unknown

Chad Kroeger (Nickleback) Totally Looks Like Miguel (The Road to El Dorado)

funny TLL celeb actor chad kroeger nickelback miguel - 6648969216
Created by Desiree_Smiles

And THIS is How You Remind Me?

meme misuse nickelback song - 6597158400
Created by JackAlden

Natural Selection

Death natural selection nickelback sneak - 6472752896
Created by vikkiievoltage

Striking Chicago Teacher Goes Too Far

mean nickelback Protest sign - 6578598656
Via Daniel Strauss

That Explains the Road Rage

driving IRL nickelback sticker - 6496463360
Created by Unknown

Instant Blockbuster

50 shades of grey comic sans justin bieber movies nickelback twilight - 6478316288
Created by Unknown