Funny guy trolls scammer with Nickelback lyrics | why am texting help. Oh my bad this time mistaken will reimburse back money. Thanks! Yes thanks always love remind Ok l'll use Apple Pay Okay thanks waiting on here. Wow yes must have been so bad Anyway which building are Am conference meeting Yes but which room and can bring them Checking out soon Scratch-off back code and Text Message Pay

Prankster Trolls Text Scammer With Nickelback Lyrics

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31 Funny Pics That Are Guaranteed To Get You Giggling

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No Thanks, Nickelback

funny meme about nickelback.
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Funny twitter meme, today's tea.

'Today's Tea' Is A Twitter Meme For Scorching Hot Takes

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37 Soul-Freeing Memes For When Your Mind Needs To Wander

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Funny memes for Friday, right in time for the weekend.

36 Hilarious Random Memes And Tweets To Get You Into That Friday Mood

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Funny spongebob meme about not caring.

'Do Y'all Hear Sumn?' Is A Spongebob Meme For The Haters

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funny memes about kids and nickelback

15 Nickelback Memes That'll Make You Want The Other 45 Cents

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Chad Kroeger Is Happy

Panel meme of a woman shopping for something that costs 45 cents; the next image shows an unhappy 50 Cent, and the subsequent one shows Chad Kroeger giving a thumbs up
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photograph ramen nickelback image - 8996527104
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mashup nickelback Video - 82286081

Someone Edited Nickelback Lyrics Into a Song That's So Silly, You Can Almost Sit Through the Whole Thing

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It's Always Funny to Make Fun of Nickelback

nickelback - 7979453440
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parody nickelback happy texting Video win dating - 74253313

Nickelblock is the App Everyone After a Breakup Deserves

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How You Know You've Failed as a Parent


That's a Completely Different Kind of Torture

Canada Sochi 2014 nickelback failbook g rated - 8057323008
Created by puddingpop5

Nothing to Do Here

one direction nickelback justin bieber - 7731670784
Created by Lauren
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