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Aunt Becky Is Getting Meme'd And Roasted For Bribing Her Spoiled Daughter's Way Into College

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r kelly meltdown interview memes

R. Kelly's Total Interview Meltdown Is Making Memers Everywhere Go Crazy

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This Is A Ripoff

Tweet that reads, "Not to sound politically unaware but did you guys know Fox News has absolutely no news about foxes"
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Makes Sense

NBC headline that reads, "Major depression is on the rise among everyone, new data shows;" someone replies below, "Well. I mean. *Gestures broadly at everything"
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people reacting to satirical headlines

14 Times Gullible Dummies Believed Obvious Satire

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Donald Trump Jr. Is Winning The Game

Caption that reads, "When a witch says your tongue has to float in the middle of your mouth without touching anything or you'll die" above a pic of Donald Trump Jr. with a stupid look on his face
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saturday night live weekend update moments

27 Of Our Favorite SNL Weekend Update Moments

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news stories that are actually wholesome and heartwarming

Heartwarming News Stories In 2018 That Probably Slipped Through Your Radar

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Funny social media reactions to Oregon law about pumping your own gas.

Oregonians Are Completely Losing Their Minds Over Pumping Their Own Gas

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Life Imitates Art

Funny meme about German news looking like a shitpost, Theresa may meme.
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shoes, payless, playing tricks

Cheap Shoe Store Tricks Famous People Into Spending Insane Amounts Of Money

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Damn, That's Dark

Funny tweet about firefighters eating sausage made from pigs they saved.
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There Goes My Hero

Funny meme about man who put fake arrow decals on floor to get people into endless labyrinth.
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funny the onion headlines

14 Spicy Headlines From 'The Onion' That Just Speak To Us

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Funny meme about dog wearing hat
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Breaking news parodies

14 Breaking News Parodies We Wish Were Real

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