Millennials: The Generation Killing Stuff Since 1980

A whole bunch of headlines blaming Millennials for killing various industries
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Seems Like A Setup...

Headline that reads, "Don't kill that spider in your house. It's unlikely to bite you and is good for the environment" under the caption, "Did a spider write this"
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Technically He Wasn't Wrong

News headline about a man who stripped naked at a Planet Fitness because he thought it was a 'judgment-free zone'
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crazy real headlines

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The IRS Website Crashed On Tax Day And They're Still Making People Do Their Taxes

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Funny news headlines.

9 Of The Week's Weirdest and Wackiest Headlines

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news facepalm tiger raccoons funny twitter - 5321477

This New Yorker Mistaking A Raccoon For A Tiger Is The Dictionary Definition Of A Facepalm

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Best skill of all

man caught growing 247 cannabis plants
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Funny Twitter memes about Donald Trump being afraid of sharks.

Stormy Daniels Claims Trump Is Deathly Afraid Of Sharks & Twitter's Got Jokes

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Funny tweets about elderly couple caught with 60 lbs of marijuana in nebraska.

An Elderly Couple Got Busted With 60 Pounds Of Weed And Twitter Is Loving It

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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Funny meme about Indian man throwing chicken at vegans.
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Editing Is Important

Funny meme about publishing first hand job instead of firsthand job.
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Funny and random memes about italians, facebook, news, tattoos, dating. relationships, wine, cersei lannister, mark zuckerberg.

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Funny and weird news headlines, politics, donald trump, marco rubio, hurricanes, prison, methane, farts, cereal, jack daniels, isis, lil wayne, game of thrones.

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This week's most bizarre, weird and funny news headldines, cover photo about man who slathered his penis in Vegemite to hide drugs at a music festival.

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collection of weird news headlines from around the world, toilet with money in it after switzerland toilets getting clogged with euros.

Wednesday WTF: 10 Super Weird And Totally Real News Headlines

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