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Neighborhood Karen Tries to Guilt-Trip a Lady to Take Down Her 12-Foot Skeleton Because Her Kid is Afraid; Skeleton Earns the Full Support of the Internet

'Honestly, I'd buy a second 12 foot skeleton'
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HOA Resident Proposes Neighborhood Should Enforce a Dress Code to Drive up Property Values

Stepford Wife vibes
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Resident Gets Payback Against a Bitter HOA Board Member, Revving Their Engine and Driving in Low Gears (Which are Obnoxiously Loud) to Comply With Anti-Speeding Legislature

Nobody likes getting wrongfully accused, but everyone likes a dash of petty revenge
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'This is what you get without an HOA': Snooty Man Gets Mocked After Complaining About Neighbor Not Joining Homeowner Association

Dude, chill
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Funny posts from Best of NextDoor

Funny Times Nextdoor Brought the Petty to the Neighborhood

Out here in New York City, most of us have too many neighbors to bother getting to know them. or communicate with anyone. While there are a few neighborhood or block associations that strive to bring the community together, but they can be pretty insular. People in my neighborhood don't use sites like Nextdoor to communicate. It's usually a quick "How ya doin?" or, when something is amiss, a quick complaint session on the sidewalk. Thanks to the Internet, we know that this is not the case in th…
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AITA: 'Peeping Tom kids': Teenager gets scolded by the neighborhood Karen for watching a horror movie with his curtains open

AITA: 'Peeping Tom kids': Teenager scolded by neighborhood Karen for watching a horror movie because snooping children stared into his living room

My house, my rules
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Insane Neighbor Insists Homeowners Pay Their Child's Medical Bills After Their Child Hurts Themselves in Homeowners' Driveway

Maybe have some responsibility for your own children?
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Man Gets Charming Note From Neighbor, Starts Thread on the Ups and Downs of Living Near Others

Neighborly love
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Comedy Gold From the Perfectly Petty World of 'Nextdoor'

"When neighbors start talking, good things happen"
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Funny and cringey posts from Karens, best of nextdoor, social media, neighbors, neighborhood

Petty & Comedic Gems From Best of Nextdoor

Here in New York City we usually have too many neighbors to bother getting to know or communicate with anyone. Sure, there are a few neighborhood or block associations, but they're usually pretty insular. Nobody we know uses sites like Nextdoor to communicate. It's usually a quick “How ya doin?” or, when something messed up is happening, a quick complaining session on the sidewalk. This does not seem to be the case in the suburbs. We've come to this conclusion thanks to Best of Nextdoor Twitter…
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Cracked Explains How Neighborhood Apps Make Us Worse Neighbors

Unless you spend your entire life on a farm in the middle of nowhere, it's likely you will have to deal with neighbor drama at some point. Whether it's the family upstairs who apparently wear concrete shoes or that dude who keeps parking in front of your driveway, people are often at their worst when they're close to home. Technology has tried to find a solution in the form of the neighborhood app ; in theory, they allow us to sort our petty disputes and maybe even create a sense community alon…
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Loose Tiger Causes Mayhem In Houston

Nobody wants that pooping in their yard.
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Thanks Cloakman!

Neighborhood sign that warns people about "Cloakman," imitating a neighborhood crime watch sign
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Caption that reads, "'It's all good in the hood,' I replied cheerfully. But deep down I knew there were many socio-economic problems in the hood" above a pic of a black man crying
Via ThatGuyWithTheBinoculorsOnDiscountHothInEpisode8

Keep Close Kids

Caption that reads, "'Mommy why does that man have wires on his Airpods?' 'Come on kids, this neighborhood isn't safe'" above a pic of a fish family from Spongebob walking and wearing Airpods
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Caption that reads, "'It's all good in the hood,' I replied cheerfully. But deep down I knew there were many socioeconomic problems in the hood" above a stock photo of a woman crying
Via ODonnell216
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