Collection of funny memes for Saturday featuring Nasa, food, drinking, dating, relationships, social media, life, love, friends, friendshiip, money, work, star wars, taco bell, dogs.

35 Memes To Spice Up Your Saturday Night

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How Does He Do It?

Funny meme about how crazy it is to be able to cook the right amount of pasta.
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Collection of funny memes featuring Mike Pence in photoshopped situations after his trip to NASA.

14 Best Mike Pence "Do Not Touch" NASA Photo Memes

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The Perfect Portrait

Heartwarming meme reminding us of an astronaut's portrait with two dogs, he is smiling.
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Pluto's Still A Little Bitter

dating fails Hall of Fame nasa - 5916071680

NASA Added a 13th Astrology Sign and People Don't Know Who They Are Anymore

image nasa astrology
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Kiss My Asteroid

nasa space - 8758462976
Created by tamaleknight

Requesting Immediate Assistance

funny memes houston i have so many problems
nasa thanksgiving Video space - 76132865

If Your Thanksgiving Dinner Turns Out a Disaster This Year, Know That It Couldn't Possibly be as Unappetizing as Thanksgiving in Space

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Still Better for the Environment Than Draining California More

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Scumbag Mars


Good Guy NASA


After Hearing NASA's Announcement This Morning


The Most Expensive Solution Isn't Always the Best

nasa pens space - 7863047168

Biggest Empire, You Say?

nasa Mars the moon - 8140854784

How Could Anyone Turn Down Pizza?

nasa pizza 3D printing science food funny - 7515184640