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NASA Reveals Breathtaking Space Photos Taken by New James Webb Telescope, Twitter Starts Memeing

It's all so beautiful
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Funny reaction memes and tweets to scientists discovering a potential parallel universe | Kronk Emperor's New Groove NASA news: High-energy particles Antarctica could prove parallel universes 's another one Apocalypse Bingo! | Captain America Astor George @grandpabbychuck choking my parallel universe doppelganger who has better life than so can take his place.

Scientists May Have Discovered A Parallel Universe, Internet Reacts

Here we go again.
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Informative thread from Mary Kowal about pooping and peeing in space, gender bias.

Super Blunt Twitter Thread Demystifies Pooping & Peeing In Space

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Blackhole dank memes

These Stupid Black Hole Memes Are Still Going Strong And Driving Memers Batsh*t Crazy

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funny presentation memes.

18 Presentation Memes For When You Need To Get Your Point Across

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oppy memes

15 'Oppy' Memes That Celebrate The Life And Legacy Of The Beloved Mars Rover

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Caption that reads, "Take that NASA" above a fake text screenshot where the text recipient is 'Aliens' and the texts read, "Yoo, y'all real?" "Yeah bruh"
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Funny tweet about pluto.
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Cross-stitch with a picture of Pluto that says, "Dear NASA, your mom thought I was big enough. Love, Pluto"
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We Need To Go Deeper!!

NASA headline that says, "NASA wants to probe deeper into Uranus than ever before
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Funny meme about someone thinking you can build a staircase to space.
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Beautiful space tourism posters from NASA.

These Colorful Space-Tourism Posters From NASA Will Take You For A Wild Ride

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Funny meme about Uranus.
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Collection of funny memes for Saturday featuring Nasa, food, drinking, dating, relationships, social media, life, love, friends, friendshiip, money, work, star wars, taco bell, dogs.

35 Memes To Spice Up Your Saturday Night

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How Does He Do It?

Funny meme about how crazy it is to be able to cook the right amount of pasta.
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Collection of funny memes featuring Mike Pence in photoshopped situations after his trip to NASA.

14 Best Mike Pence "Do Not Touch" NASA Photo Memes

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