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'30-50 feral hogs guy': Twitter users share the most memorable 'Internet Main Characters' in recent memory

Heron Greenesmith, Esq: you will always be famous
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20 Super Stellar NASA Memes That'll Send Space Cowboys LOLing Into Another Galaxy

Into the wormhole we go
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Highly Entertaining Thread Discusses What to Place on the Surface Mars Just to Troll NASA Scientists

Philip K. Dick, eat your heart out
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NASA Reveals Breathtaking Space Photos Taken by New James Webb Telescope, Twitter Starts Memeing

It's all so beautiful
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Funny reaction memes and tweets to scientists discovering a potential parallel universe | Kronk Emperor's New Groove NASA news: High-energy particles Antarctica could prove parallel universes 's another one Apocalypse Bingo! | Captain America Astor George @grandpabbychuck choking my parallel universe doppelganger who has better life than so can take his place.

Scientists May Have Discovered A Parallel Universe, Internet Reacts

Here we go again.
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Informative thread from Mary Kowal about pooping and peeing in space, gender bias.

Super Blunt Twitter Thread Demystifies Pooping & Peeing In Space

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Blackhole dank memes

These Stupid Black Hole Memes Are Still Going Strong And Driving Memers Batsh*t Crazy

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funny presentation memes.

18 Presentation Memes For When You Need To Get Your Point Across

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oppy memes

15 'Oppy' Memes That Celebrate The Life And Legacy Of The Beloved Mars Rover

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Caption that reads, "Take that NASA" above a fake text screenshot where the text recipient is 'Aliens' and the texts read, "Yoo, y'all real?" "Yeah bruh"
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Funny tweet about pluto.
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Cross-stitch with a picture of Pluto that says, "Dear NASA, your mom thought I was big enough. Love, Pluto"
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We Need To Go Deeper!!

NASA headline that says, "NASA wants to probe deeper into Uranus than ever before
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Funny meme about someone thinking you can build a staircase to space.
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Beautiful space tourism posters from NASA.

These Colorful Space-Tourism Posters From NASA Will Take You For A Wild Ride

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Funny meme about Uranus.
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