Apollo 11 on Its Way to the Moon in 1969

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These Redditors Understand

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Checkmate, Rest of the World

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We'll Be at Proxima Centauri Before You Guys Can Even Get to the Oort Cloud!

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Un Petit Step Pour Homme, Un Giant Crêpe Pour Hommekind!

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Plot Twist!

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He's Going to McDonalds (Behind the Counter, More Specifically)

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Astronaut Charles Duke Gets Trolled by Gravity and by His Spacesuit

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NASA Used Kinect and Oculus Rift to Manipulate a Robot's Arm

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Apollo 16's Moon Buggy Cruising Along on The Moon

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Consider My Dreams Crushed

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NASA Dream Chaser Totally Looks Like The Farscape Module

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All We Have to Do is Add an A

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U Mad?

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Everyone Loves Toys

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The Future Is Now

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