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A Display of Diddly-Darn Dandy Memes

There's nothing more endearing than watching religious children try not to swear. They shout “son of a biscuit” after stubbing their toe. These kids have an endless diatribe of “fricks” that comes out of their mouths every day. This goofy censorship is one of the last great American dynasties. One of my favorite non-swear word is “gosh diddly darn." Aside from its obvious southern flair, the alliteration and the modification of “darn” with the far more silly “diddly” elevates this phrase to a p…
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Come Back God

Funny meme where Jim Carrey says, "Wait, are you going on vacation? Does God even have vacations?" above a still of Morgan Freeman as God saying, "Ever heard of January 2020"
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So Smooth

Funny meme about getting high with Morgan Freeman
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Hell Yeah

Funny meme about getting high and narrating peoples lives with Morgan Freeman.
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Funny memes about Morgan Freeman, cracking a cold one with the boys, pork, pigs, Brooklyn, TV, pizza, marijuana, google, fighting, Michael Jackson, babies, dating, relationships, cats, Shaquille O'Neal.

15 of Today's Funniest Memes: Hump Day Edition

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Morgan Freeman Video - 81874689

Morgan Freeman Really Can Narrate Anything

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Music lyrics Morgan Freeman Video justin bieber - 78596865

Sit Back and Enjoy Morgan Freeman Dramatically Reading 'Love Yourself'

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How Far Did You Make It?

Morgan Freeman - 8601743104
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You Tried (Poorly)


The Best Way to Change The World

god gifs nice Morgan Freeman - 8448404224
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One Can Only Hope

wtf Walmart Morgan Freeman funny - 8363009280

Always Morgan Freeman

hunger games Morgan Freeman funny - 8292857088
celeb Morgan Freeman funny - 61168897

Viral Video of the Day: Morgan Freeman is the Only Person Who Can Still Sound Dignified After Breathing Helium

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impression Morgan Freeman funny Video - 59774721

The Soothing Tones of the Morgan Freeman GPS is a Bittersweet Experience

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Morgan Freeman Reads 'The Fox'

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This Photo Will Make Your Day Better

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