Damn I'm Old

Funny tweet that reads, "I forget how old I am, until my coworkers say things like 'can you read this for me? I don't know cursive'"
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Goddamn Millennials Killing Every Industry

Funny headline that reads, "Millennials are killing the doorbell industry by texting 'here'" above an image of Moe from The Simpsons with a bunch of doorbells

It's Hopeless

Funny meme about someone not having any sort of retirement plan | kids children playground with a slide leading straight into a hole in the ground
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Funny memes and pictures of the '70s, '80s, and '90s | KIDS TODAY WANT THOUSAND DOLLAR CELL PHONES JUST WANTED THIS TACKY MESS! transparent clear plastic phone | can smell this picture play doh

Old School Pics For People Who Want To Feel Nostalgic

A lil walk down memory lane for ya.
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Funny Twitter story about an aging Millennial interacting with a young child about their gaming past | ZoomZoomLagoon @ZoomZoomLagoon Imagine are older than dust, Surely headed grave soon have guilted child, Antonicanila let stay with her and her family old age named her because 's just so unique She allowed go get an ice cream cone one day.

Entertaining Twitter Thread Imagines An Aging Millennial's Run-In With A Youth

*Fortnite dancing ensues*
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Quit Buying So Much Avocado Toast

Funny tweet that reads, "Millennials are so SPOILED and ENTITLED; Millennials: is it rude if I ask my employer to pay me"
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Sure Grandma

Funny meme about how older people accuse the younger generation of being sex-crazed above a photo of a mid-century couple with 16 children | Grandma: All people think about is sex these days
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Funny memes, plant memes, house plants | Kylo Ren with long blonde hair shouting more and a huge collection of plants
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One Day When I'm Rich And Famous...

Funny tweet that reads, "Millennial culture is daydreaming how much you'd help your friends if you were to ever get rich"
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Stop Putting Those Ideas Into Our Heads

Funny meme from Animal Crossing about Millennials paying off their home loans | This why hate video games appeal to millennial fantasy Yes! I finished paying off my home loan!
Funny memes about the 1980s and 1990s | pacman Grocery Shopping has become real life version PAC-Man. Avoid everyone, get fruit, and take any route avoid contact | If Lisa Frank notebook person tiger king joe exotic

Sixteen Tubular Memes Straight From The '80s And '90s

Gag me with a spoon.
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Funny tweets about how millennials aren't going on spring break, generation z, coronavirus, covid-19 | danny ocean @SamoanLoki Hey dumbfucks, Millennials are ages 24-39, probably with kids their own. These kids were more likely majority Zoomers and have been couple years now. This is someone who got his degree over 10 years ago. ON Philly Daily News O @PhillyDailyNews 3d Daily News Hey, millennials, this isn't spring break s pandemic Expert Opinion | Momo Kurumi @momokurumicos "If Millennials do

Frustrated Millennials Want You To Know They're Not On Spring Break

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cover image meme about Millennial's living and lifestyle | customer service employee: sorry can't do s company policy millennial: aw, ok baby boomer: sin Cos tan y= ax bx x, x b±4 2a as math lady | Guy: millennial fire department Lady: help, my house is on fire Guy: ummm Lady sigh* come thru 's #lit Guy: oh sht omw 100 shutter

17 Millennial Memes That'll Inspire You To Kill Every Industry

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Email exchange between an entitled social media influencer and a hotel owner | My partner and are planning come Dublin an early Valentines Day weekend Feb 8th 12th explore area. As searching places stay came across stunning hotel and would love feature my YouTube videos/dedicated Instagram stories/posts bring traffic hotel and recommend others book up return free accommodation. Last year worked with Universal Orlando Florida and 's been amazing them! Thank email looking free accommodation return

Entitled Influencer Asks For Free Hotel Stay, Gets Told Off By Hotel Owner

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Funny meme about coronavirus, why are you running | millennials i wish i was dead there are too many people we need a new plague coronavirus why are you running?
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Funny memes and pictures from the 1980s and 1990s | can smell this picture colorful red white yellow blue play dough sand | Three Stages Life Relating Ferris 2. Relating Cameron 3. Relating Rooney ferris bueller's day off

'80s And '90s Pics That Zoomers Might Not Get

Only '90s (and '80s) kids will get these!
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