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Snarky Takedown Of ‘Stomp Clap Hey’ Music Has People Reliving The Worst Of Early 2010s Culture

The early 2010s was a time period in a league of its own, and not necessarily in a good way. With a decade of hindsight, everything from planking to moustache finger tattoos is tinged with a distinct "what the hell were we doing" vibe. It's amazing how a short period of time can turn something from fashionable to atrocious, and this is especially true of music trends. This has recently been pointed out by Twitter user @lemonade_grrrl , who gave many people unwelcome flashbacks by reminiscing ab…
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Columnist Demolished By Twitter For Op-ed About Millennials

The oldest millennials are 40 and the media is still saying 'grow up!'
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Nostalgic memes and photos from the 1990s, Millennials, Generation Y | Who used make these all can hear is can start this. pie chart LYRICS MACARENA EHHH MACARENA! WBUAVKABKGNAKJA KHJKSGVHSGFJB

'90s Memes And Pics Full Of Nostalgia

Ugh, as IF.
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30 Nostalgic Memes Only Some People Will Get

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The Generational Meme Redux Of 'My Parents In Their 30s'

Newsflash: your parents still had it better than you.
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Buckets Of Memes For Bored People

It's all for you.
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Nostalgic '90s | If boy-crush had this haircut s time an eye cream. Curtain bangs | #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow struggle having wait these finish rewinding Disney video tapes Aladdin Snow White DUMBO ARISTOCATS MUPPET MOVE PINOCCHIO Beauty Beast

20+ '90s Nuggets For A Dose Of Nostalgia

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Funny memes for Millennials and '90s kids | swankydesserts d C: 26 went 90s themed party last night piesandfalcs 's cup cake minty too young if don't know good pun truly is | My head HURTS just looking at these

17 Nineties Memes For The Millennials Craving That Nostalgia

All that and a bag of chips
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Funny plant memes and gardening memes | My parents at age 29 Let's have baby Yes @planty_hoes at age 29 This will do Trad wife and yes chad | Plants Can't ?ear sociaplant iCarly

25 Plant Memes For Green And Black Thumbs Alike

Plants > People
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millennials, funny headlines, cringe, fail, facepalm, memes, funny comments, covid-19 | bitmap mercenary @wehpudicabok fucking pay us maybe FOOD DO MILLENNIALS EVEN EAT FOOD? Contradictory studies claim they're shopping fewer groceries but also dining out less | MILLENNIALS 'KILLED' THESE PRODUCTS, BUT COVID-19 BROUGHT THEM CK American cheese, napkins and golf are all enjoying resurgence f By Adrianne Pasquarelli. Published on May 20, 2020. NOT DEAD

30 Times Millennials Were Blamed For Ruining Everything

Those damn Millennials killed every industry
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Funny memes about the 1980s | this old Raise hands if remember this Oregon Trail Teu n 1. Travel trall 2. Leara about trall Green Te Ten 4. Tern eund oft la er cheicer Galliker Potomac Fan Chocolate Milk tor jen private whate | used unfriend people old days! scribbling in a yearbook

'80s Tidbits For Those Who Want A Little Stroll Down Memory Lane

Don't have a cow.
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dank internet memes | Person - Communism Theory will have classless society will be great! Communism Practice: | Hat - Men be like Where's ketchup LAND LAKES HEINZ TOMATO KETCHUP Men also be like Do see 1,535 m Taliban Sniper away?"

The Dank Drop: 25 Of Our Favorite Dank Memes Of The Week (10-17 To 10-23)

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Funny memes and posts about the '90s | Kids these days will never know ultimate thumb destroyer GameofLoans DURACELL 100% DURACELL POWERCHECKTM | Rhyaan @Rhyaan_ Some y'all never got tricked into pulling one these by siblings PULL HERE SHOCK and really shows SHOCK PULL HERE SHOCK PULL HERE CH ING OUM CHEWING GUM SHOCK PULL HERE @memezar NC babynanss why were these legal Imao

Fourteen Nostalgic Posts Zoomers Won't Understand

Kids today man.
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Wait - Some Of You Are Getting Engaged?

Funny meme about broke millennials getting engaged, danny devito, can i offer you an egg trying time
Via u/elleohelle94
Funny memes and pics of the 1980s and 1990s | Who remembers Doodle Bears could draw on them with markers, then throw them washing machine and have clean bear doodle on again. EL | tinyobscurae @tinyobscurae just read people born 80s are known hungary as ducktales generation never want hear "millennial" ever again ok

Nostalgic Memes And Pics Straight From The Superior Days Of The '80s And '90s

Damn, those were the days.
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Thanks I Hate It

Funny tweet from Macaulay Culkin that reads, "Hey guys, wanna feel old? I'm 40. You're welcome"
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