Poetry Hour

herp derp roses are red microwave - 6645363968
Created by Unknown

Either Way, I'm Going to Burn My Tongue

First World Problems microwave oven - 6875301376
Created by Unknown

Ravaged by Rotisserie

some men food noms microwave - 6851336960
Created by Unknown

If You Aren't Home for the Holidays

forever alone cooking microwave - 6789796608
Created by Jeremy

Genius Woman

cooking genius microwave - 6579797504
Created by eXu2040

Classic: The Only Hot Date You'll Be Getting

classic dating food microwave relationships - 6550187264
Created by Unknown

My Coworkers...

gross microwave Office work wtf - 6443258368
Via Reddit

Interrupting Microwave

FAIL gifs microwave ouch wtf - 6273493760
Created by gavman101

Race To Save The World

Memes microwave no timer zero - 6241248768
Created by Biggmac4444

People are so Racially Sensitive These Days

Ad craigslist microwave racist shoppers beware - 6222234112
Created by xaffable ( Via Don't Even Reply )

A Look at the Radio Spectrum

infographic microwave radio science - 6106368512

What Else Do You Need?

computer fry microwave shut up special take my money TV - 6068616192
Created by mittins1

And Forget Using the "Popcorn" Setting

microwave Pie Chart Popcorn - 5921298688
Created by Unknown


book food microwave squirrels wtf - 5874701824
Created by _AfterDarkness_ ( Via A.F. Harrold )

Brace your Tongue

cold hot Line Graph microwave tongue - 5838300160
Created by randomgeneratedname

Lava Hot or Iceberg Cold

burning cold freezing hot pockets Memes microwave temperature - 5832673024
Created by Unknown