It's Like Lava!

doughnuts rage donuts microwave - 8385649920

Microwave Meals Take Time

microwave puns web comics - 8330532608
Created by anselmbe

I Don't Want to Take Any Chances

kitchen toaster microwave - 8305439744

Frozen Waffle Rage

this is how i die microwave - 8279524864

Best Idea of the Century

candy sweet jesus microwave - 8247467520
Created by UberSmurf

Feeling Hot

rage hungry microwave expectation vs reality - 8185955584
Created by tallguy2014

A Truly Arduous Time

microwave time web comics - 8166779136
Via Jim Benton

Have You Ever Done This Before?

microwave friends stupid - 8133781248

Microwave Problem Solving

me gusta microwave - 8104038912

Scumbag Microwave

food microwave scumbag - 7990919168

Ain't Nobody Got Time for That

fries microwave time - 7915862784
Created by death_by_rage

Uh Oh, That's a Rule?

nutella rule funny microwave - 7837031424

Bomb Defused!

Like a Boss microwave - 7628567296

No Phone for Me

phones smartphones funny microwave failbook - 7531899648

Protip: This Does Not Actually Work

phones android smartphones microwave iphone AutocoWrecks - 7526318592
Created by GameLostYouHave

Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!

microwave - 7368953856
Created by paperguy