Have You Ever Done This Before?

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Microwave Problem Solving

me gusta microwave - 8104038912
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Scumbag Microwave

food microwave scumbag - 7990919168
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Ain't Nobody Got Time for That

fries microwave time - 7915862784
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Uh Oh, That's a Rule?

nutella rule funny microwave - 7837031424
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Bomb Defused!

Like a Boss microwave - 7628567296
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No Phone for Me

phones smartphones funny microwave failbook - 7531899648
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Protip: This Does Not Actually Work

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Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!

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Wait for It...

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Just Give It a Stir!

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Created by Sup123

What a Strange Dog

wtf gifs old lady microwave - 7000229120
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Strange Looking Dog

walking the dog microwave - 7000555264
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Word Choice... WORD CHOICE!

misinterpretation food double meaning microwave chinese - 7000032000
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profession phones galaxy microwave - 6985835520
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The Mircowave Problem

Popcorn food microwave - 6968660736
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