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Headline from The Independent that reads, "Cow escapes on way to slaughterhouse, smashes metal fence, breaks human's arm, and swims to uninhabited island where she still lives"
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I've Fooled Them All!!

Pic of a husky surrounded by black metal fans with a caption that reads, "Day 28: they still don't know I'm a dog"
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Sign Language Interpreter At A Metal Show

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memes of musical puns and band related name jokes

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27 Metal Memes That Will Make You Feel BRUTAL AF

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Collection of web comics called Belzebub about a black metal family.

Embrace Your Dark Side With These Awesome Black Metal Comics

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List of cool and funny and dark heavy metal fans.

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Funny fake news about metalheads donating their denim sleeves to hurricane victims.
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Funny meme with Bob Ross' face inside a pentagram surrounded by paint brushes, slow heavy metal music playing.
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Be Our President

Funny meme about metalhead elected into office against his will in Norway.
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My Gift To You

Funny meme about parents asking you to volunteer, playing FREE Metal in lieu of volunteering.
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Rock and Roll!

Funny meme pun about metal and tin cans.
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Collection of funny memes that were made using Bill Wurtz's  "History of the Entire World, I Guess" - they cover topics like school, gender, sex, homework, metal, vince mcmahon, and dating.

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