That's so metal. All the hard rocking memes and jokes to keep your head banging the day away. Also plenty of stuff about the shiny material, that too.

Funny memes for metalheads, metal memes,

20+ Metal Memes For True Heads

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That Time Lil' Jon, Xzibit, Snoop Dogg & David Banner Performed As KoRn In 'Twisted Transistor'

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Funny memes about metal music | Ds Stac Dorit Women's hairstyling channels KNBLE Metalhead guys looking tips taking care their long hair | Amazing. Due lack pollution covid-19 lockdowns, wild Black Metal bands have returned Scandinavia's forests first time since 90s. Beautiful.

Sixteen Metal Memes For Brutal Satan-Worshippers

F*ckin' brutal
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Funny memes about metal | Perry the Platypus Black Metal Death Metal Ferb! This one's looking at both us at same time DUMBMETALMEMES Behemoth | black metal fans see yourself actually look solytherin

Fifteen Metal Memes For Those Who Like Things As Brutal As Possible

Hail Satan.
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Funny memes about metal music | play death metal listen everything" friends | "omg, Billie Eilish put spider her mouth, she must be insane" Ozzy Osborne: Pathetic.

Metal Memes For The Satanically Inclined

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HEAVY METAL MEMES AND TWEETS | Amazing. Due lack pollution covid-19 lockdowns, wild Black Metal bands have returned Scandinavia's forests first time since 90s. Beautiful. | This lamb born with corpse paint looks like he's about drop sickest black metal album decade.

Massive Dump Of Metal Memes For The Rockers

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metal memes about the band ghost and kendall jenner wearing a slayer shirt | nice see celebrities supporting each other Slayer Kill Kardashians Kendall Jenner | batmobile and the scooby gang van MYSA AVAGHINE Ghost Sounds Ghost is Advertised

16 Metal Memes That Are Brutal Enough For Satan

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Funny memes about people who listen to metal music | will smith fresh prince watch news report about "Satanic music" and see all favorite bands | batman the dark knight bane against pink guy Big dude pit My drunk ass

Thirty-Eight Metal Memes For Fans Of The Double Bass

Brutal as f*ck.
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Funny music video of a Slipknot/Spice Girls mashup

Spice Girls/Slipknot Mashup Is Unexpectedly Perfect

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Metal memes, death metal memes, music memes, metalheads.

27 Dank Metal Memes For The True Metalheads

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Please Don't

Funny meme about bands who encourage their fans to destroy the venue
Via youandmeandrainbows


Parody of the game Connect Four called "Connect with the F*cking Devil" with pic of two kids playing with the Connect Four apparatus that has a pentagram on it
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15 Metal Memes That Are Far Too Brutal For This Mortal World

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Brutal As Hell

Caption that reads, "When Mom makes you go to church but you still metal" above a stained-glass painting of Jesus subtly making the devil horns with his hand
Via MistressoftheSea


Headline from The Independent that reads, "Cow escapes on way to slaughterhouse, smashes metal fence, breaks human's arm, and swims to uninhabited island where she still lives"
Via JamesONarwal

I've Fooled Them All!!

Pic of a husky surrounded by black metal fans with a caption that reads, "Day 28: they still don't know I'm a dog"
Via psuedon
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