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cover image of Mordecai and Rigby asking to do something scary, asking brain for serotonin and dopamine

27 Mental Health Memes That'll Temporarily Soothe The Soul

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It Be Like That

Tweet that reads, "'Sad' spelled backwards is 'das' and das how it be sometimes"
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Just A Friendly Reminder!

'Hard to Swallow Pills' meme where the bottom panel reads, "Your friends do love you, your brain is just mean"
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Can't Wait For This To Happen In Spring

starter pack meme about coming out of a deep depression.
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17 Mental Health Memes To Remind You That Everything's Gonna Be Okay

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Classic Anxiety

Funny meme about anxiety using a painting of a ship at sea
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False Advertisement

Headline that reads, "Man Sues McDonald's for Still Being Depressed After Eating Happy Meal"
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Serenity Now

Funny meme about starfish.
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funny memes, memes, meme | have depression someone: u should get out more! go outside goes beach* now its tropical depression | anxiety social interaction depressed no social interaction

18 Super Relatable Memes For Anyone Dealing With Mental Health Issues

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Well This Is Awkward

Tweet where a therapist asks their patient if they blame themselves for their parents' divorce, patient says 'not really' and the therapist says that they actually probably should
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17 Mildly Depressing Memes That'll Make You Feel Slightly Less Alone

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Later Suckaz

Caption that reads, "You can't just run away from your problems forever" above a pic of Michael Scott running and saying, "I'm fast, I'm very fast"
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That Was Fast

Funny meme about deleting social media for mental health.
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meme about a balloon that can't be popped

'Indestructible Balloon' Is The Cutest New Trending Meme

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The Scariest Thing Of All

Regular Show meme where Rigby suggested that they do something really scary and Pop suggests that they go to bed early and be alone with their thoughts
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38 Miscellaneous Memes To Liven Up Your Life

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