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funny memes about the trump family as sims and about meme chemical reactions

35 Various Memes And Tweets For You To Browse Through While You 'Work'

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I'm An Excellent Actor

Caption that reads, "Me, after telling my parents that my relationship is good, I'm doing financially well and that overall things are okay" above a still of Tobias Funke in an audition saying "And scene"
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Sad twitter depressing mental illness depression mental health funny tweets stress anxiety - 7773701

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Makes Sense

NBC headline that reads, "Major depression is on the rise among everyone, new data shows;" someone replies below, "Well. I mean. *Gestures broadly at everything"
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It's Probably Those Pesky iPhones

'Is this a PIgeon' meme where anime character represents "Parents," the butterfly represents "classic symptoms of mental illness" and the bottom text reads, "Is this laziness?"
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Ooh Boy

Caption that reads, "When you turn inward to work on yourself..." above a still of Jake and Finn from Adventure Time walking through a forest; one of them says, "There's a lot more demons here than I remember"
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Depression Inception...?

Tweet that reads, "Sometimes I feel like I fake my depression for attention. My depression literally doesn't think it's good enough to be real depression. I got depressed depression"
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The Perfect Match Doesn't Exi-

Guy messages girl on Tinder, "Damn girl, are you my crippling social anxiety? 'Cause you've been on my mind all day;" girl replies, "Damn boy, are you a depressive episode? Because I'd spend all day in bed with you"
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So Annoying!!

Tumblr post that reads, "Depression: uhh, stay in don't have the energy and are incapable of productivity anyway; Anxiety: get out of it!! Too much to do!! Too much to do!!" someone comments below, "Y'all harmonize so well. Very lovely!"
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cover image of Mordecai and Rigby asking to do something scary, asking brain for serotonin and dopamine

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