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Funny meme that reads, "When you can feel yourself spiraling but don't know how to stop it" above a photo of a guy setting up a powerpoint with the word "help on his forehead"
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Oh No...

Funny dank meme that shows a headline that reads, "Your cat can have the same mental problems as you" joker dancing on stairs with mini joker
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Don't Worry About Me

Tweet about someone at a therapy session whose parents taught them to not take up any emotional real estate | Sam Reich therapist: so what's troubling you? me: my parents taught me to be so polite that now i have trouble taking up any emotional real estate and how does that make you feel? fine
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Funny and sad memes about depression, being depressed | Monsters Inc. Sulley reactions being sad not talking about listening sad music and crying alone my room | man in sunglasses giving thumbs up: my memes are IRONIC my depression is CHRONIC

Fifteen Sad Memes For Sad People

We can't all be happy all the time, now can we?
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Funny and sad anti-Valentine's Day memes | bernie sanders fundraising campaign presidential candidate once again asking for your financial support no one I am once again asking are mad at me. spongebob crying while surrounded by heart emojis gotta end shit with favorite toxic person

Kinda Depressing Posts For Those Who Hate Valentine's Day

Memes for you sad sacks.
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Funny memes and tweets about being angry | angry Spongebob mad but don't know why mad and being rude and wanna stop being rude but can't because mad. PEOPLE WANT PUNCH FACE: huge book.

Eighteen Angry Memes For Those With A Lot Of Pent-Up Rage

Memes for the chronically angry.
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Funny memes about depression, mental health | corbyn jeremy someone asks why never leave house. Unfortunately there are people our society. John Mulaney: know think my mental health is finally getting better My mental health dying ed memes and then didn't.

Depression Memes For Anyone Going Through That Struggle

Depression is no joke, but these memes are.
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Funny and relatable memes and tweets about depression, mental illness | woman in a bed with satin sheets u pamper urself, do ur skin routine, listen pretty music give urself pep talk and ur still sad. woman avoiding laser beams: Trying be honest with my therapist but not so honest get involuntarily hospitalized

Depression Memes For Those Lacking In The Serotonin Department

Depression can really be a b*tch!
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The Party Is Clearly Over

Funny dank meme that reads, "Doctor: the online tests you've taken are not enough to diagnose you with depression; 14-year-old Billie Eilish fans: ..." above a still of a kid wearing eyeliner saying, "That's impossible..."
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Funny memes about anxiety, being anxious, mental health, mental illness, worrying, stress | bobby hill from king of the hill in a suit standing in a water fountain: someone says 'don't be anxious' and anxiety is cured. meryl streep shouting meme: did thing today am proud. Time sleep. My anxiety ABOUT 100 OTHER THINGS U DIDNT DO? DID U DO ONE THING RIGHT?

Anxious Memes For Anyone Who Just Can't Stop Worrying

Memes for the chronically anxious!
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Funny memes - people who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder | professor x using telepathy power: trying remember heard or said just moments ago. mocking spongebob: AdHd iS sUpErPoWeR

Twenty-Six ADHD Memes For The Easily Distracted

We hope you can stay focused on these memes, our ADHD-having friends!
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Funny random memes | x-men cartoon wolverine in front of a kissing couple. my friends getting married and starting families aborteddreams five cheeseburgers please. seven deadly sins as cat memes Pride Sloth Greed Lust Gluttony Wrath Envy broether may have loops

Thirty-Five Random Memes To Curb Your Boredom

Memes! Memes! Memes!
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Depression memes, depressing memes, sad memes, seasonal depression, SAD, anxiety | QUIZ: Are You Even Good Enough to Have Imposter Syndrome? this drain is as helpful as that one person who says "don't be sad" when ur depressed

Nineteen Downer Memes For Those Who Like To Wallow

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Tweet that reads, "From the bottom of my heart I hope 2020 is a better mental health year for everyone"
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Self-deprecating memes, depression memes, mental illness, sad memes, depressed memes

Self-Deprecating Memes For The Less-Than-Happy

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My How The Times Have Changed

Funny tweet about how Baby Boomers are embarrassed about therapy and younger generations are much more open about it
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