men vs women

Men vs women - the age old question, competition, and ultimate rivalry. Who is better? Who is superior? The answer is subjective and will never be answered, because everyone is special, unique, and better at something. That doesn't mean you can't laugh at people trying to prove it one way or the other though.

Getting Ready To Leave

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If You Talk Like This Guy, Don't Be Surprised if You're Alone on Valentine's Day

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Every Man Assembles the War Room When He Gets a Text From a Cute Girl

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We've Found Him, the King of the Douchebags!

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Dudes: Could You Pick Your Own Butt Out of a Lineup?

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You've Been Marked!

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"Also I Found a Toenail"

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How Could You Be So Inconsiderate?

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We Call It "The Metamorphosis"

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Double Standards in Action

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Arguments: Always a Trap

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What Happens to Guys With Long Hair?

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How Often Do You...You Know?

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It's Like a Mirror, Similar But Backwards

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I Am Now

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