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Men vs women - the age old question, competition, and ultimate rivalry. Who is better? Who is superior? The answer is subjective and will never be answered, because everyone is special, unique, and better at something. That doesn't mean you can't laugh at people trying to prove it one way or the other though.

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Just a Bunch of Morons Who Have No Idea How Women Work

Because girls have cooties.
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Tumblr thread about men and women friendship, relationships, incels

Fascinating Tumblr Thread Discusses the Depressing Dynamics of Male/Female Friendships

Have you ever found out that a guy you thought was your friend was telling people you " friend zoned " him? The situation is not uncommon. As a thirty-something year old woman, it's been an interesting time navigating the world of male/female friendships. While I have quite a few good male friends who haven't shown any sign of romantic or sexual interest , there were plenty who resented their platonic designation. I'd hear about their frustration second-hand, and question the entire basis of ou…
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Funny dank memes entitled, 'Girls vs. Boys' | Person - Girls during puberty hate my mom! Boys during puberty brizandbio.memes | Girls: ugh, she's wearing same clothes as Boys: 00 8 18 8

'Boys Vs. Girls' Memes Are Gender Rivalry At Its Finest

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funny memes about nice guys

'You'll Never Understand My Pain' Is A Sarcastic Meme Comparing Life's Hilarious Hardships

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Chart illustration of men and women with yellow coloring over different parts of their bodies and a text caption below that reads, "See the shocking truth about what mustard does to your body depending on where you slather it on yourself"
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Funny period memes and comics, menstruation.

24 Menstrual Memes For All The Ladies In The Struggle

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Huh, Fair Point

Tweet that reads, "Women hate cargo shorts because it reveals the tactical inferiority of purses"
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Shampoo advertised for both men and 'apricot' with the caption, "Are you a boy or an APRICOT'
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Def Can't Have Both

Tweet that reads, "Men: I want a girl who can drink as many beers as me and orders a burger and fries instead of salad; Also men: She can't be fat though lol"
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Somebody Had To Say It

"Car dudes are the male equivalent to horse girls"
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The 'Four Words Every Girl Wants To Hear' Meme Got Real Weird Real Fast

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We're All Livestock, Aren't We?

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Getting Ready To Leave

comparison ready men vs women - 8580816128
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If You Talk Like This Guy, Don't Be Surprised if You're Alone on Valentine's Day

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Every Man Assembles the War Room When He Gets a Text From a Cute Girl

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