McDonalds, America's favorite fast food joint. If you are a Ronald fan, you won't leave disappointed.

Funny posts describing the astrological signs as fast food chains restauranats

The Astrological Signs as Popular Fast Food Restaurants

We love to see people get into a tizzy over astrological memes and designations, so you can imagine our delight at coming across this Facebook post from Mela Golden's page assigning the signs of the zodiac to popular fast food restaurant chains. It's hard not to be opinionated where these restaurants are concerned: they're (usually) pretty affordable and accessible, so a huge percentage of the population has developed a preference (and sometimes hatred) for these establishments. For example, wh…
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Crypto Bro Gets Roasted For Ending Up Working In McDonald's

Major L
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Obnoxious Karen Stands In McDonald’s Drive Thru To Save Space For Husband’s Pickup Truck

Just why
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Woman Orders McDonald's Burger with NO Pickles, Shockingly Gets 31 Pickles

Woman Orders McDonald's Burger with NO Pickles, Shockingly Gets 31 Pickles

That's a sarcastic “shockingly,” if you didn't catch that—McDonald's just does whatever they want.
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Pusha T Made a Diss Track About McDonald’s for Arby’s and the Internet Is Lovin’ It

Pusha T went all in on a Fillet-O-Fish sandwich diss track and it's pretty hilarious. The rapper teamed up with Arby's to help promote their new crispy fish sandwich and brutally roast McDonald's , another fast food joint that Pusha T has history (and beef) with. Keep scrolling for the whole saga.
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Viral TikTok from stuntman tells a story from working on a McDonald's commercial and why marine biologists are so cool

Holy Crap, Marine Biologists Are Total Tough Guys: Viral TikTok Tells Story of Dolphin Attack During a McDonald's Commercial

A stunt double tells the story of how marine biologists can take on a dolphin.
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McDonald’s Worker Catches Heat By Showing How She Makes Ice Cream For Rude Customers

Another beautiful day in food service
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Funny Twiter thread about air frying a big mac.

Dude Air Fries Big Mac For 2 Hours, Live Tweets the Stinky Saga

The smell sounds...unique.
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Crazed McDonald’s Feedback Invents Whole New Level Of Patriotism

OK dude
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Humorous Thread Discusses How Weebs Make The Best Fast Food Workers

Who knew?
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Nostalgic Tweets about McDonald's of the past

15+ Nostalgic Tweets That Remember McDonald's In Its Former Glory

Two Words: McDonald's Riverboat
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Documentary from Johnny Harris about why the McDonald's ice cream machine is always broken

A Deep Dive Into Why McDonald's Ice Cream Machines Are Always Broken

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Way To Make Us Feel Ashamed Of Ourselves

Funny meme about being challenged to eat a tray of fast food with a friend for 10 million pounds, person replies that it's their normal order for one person
Via u/notartboo
Funny memes about McDonald's, cursed images | MethDonald's meth lab shaped like a happy meal package | This toilet is currently out order Please use CHILDREN'S BALL PIT RONDAL MCDONDAL'S SECRET PLAY SPACE

Funny & Cursed McDonald's Memes For Lovers Of The Golden Arches

RIP SuperSize
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Funny tweets and response to TikTok McDonald's proposal | person in a face mask kneeling down in a fast food restaurant | Laughing Leo DiCaprio when he have time to make the heart rose petals

TikTok McDonald's Proposal Is A Perfect Example Of Wholesome Cringe

Love...uh...finds a way?
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funny tweets, travis scott mcdonald's, travis scott burger, twitter meme | 5'11 on good day itsjustmackie_ maybe if travis scott collabed with indeed u mfs would get job

McDonalds' Travis Scott Burger Inspires Sassy Twitter Meme

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