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People Discuss the 'Conspiracy Theories' They Actually Believe

There are some pretty bonkers conspiracy theories out there that are only convincing if you're stoned enough, but unless you're living in blissful ignorance, there are probably more than a few things you're a little skeptical about. In a recent r/AskReddit thread about plausible conspiracy theories, incredulous people discuss all the things they're particularly suspicious about, like dollar slice places in New York (are they a money laundering front?) and memes about movies and TV shows (are the
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Brand Strategist Reveals How Grocery Stores Practice Subconscious Marketing

It's clever
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Thread Humorously Defines Yankee Candle's Stages of Abstraction

Who knew semiotics could be funny
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20+ Cursed Apps From the Bizarre World of Mobile Gaming

Have you ever noticed those bizarre ads for chaotic mobile games that make no sense whatsoever? They tend to feature crude animations of super specific romantic scenarios often dealing with themes of betrayal and revenge, or grotesque pimple-popping games with dissonant sound effects. Most people instinctively ignore advertisements of any kind, but the weird aesthetic of this specific genre of cursed mobile game is something worth investigating. Twitter account @mobilegamehell has painstakingly
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The Best Ironic Remixes of Cringey 'Would You Date Him?' Memes

What started out as a pathetic attempt to sell a cool a e s t h e t i c through memetic marketing has recently become a spicy new starter pack -like meme thanks to @MEASURED_HEAD , who dragged the brand's cringey posts in a tweet. found a thread of "X bf" templates and I'm viscerally disgusted by each and every one of them — 𝚁𝙰𝚈theon Technologies (@MEASURED_HEAD) September 12, 2021 The exploitability of @boogzel_apparel's memes did not go unnoticed. Soon after @MEA…
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Cringe YouTuber Gets Roasted for Begging Followers to Pre-Save Her Music

Lael Hansen is a former YouTuber who has gained over 1 million subscribers over the years for her reaction videos. Now Lael's on TikTok and she's doing something a little different. The 21-year-old internet personality has moved on to music, and she's attempting to use viral marketing to get her career off the ground. In a recent TikTok that now has over 9 million views, Lael begs her followers to pre-save her new song 'My Life is Boring' on Spotify. She says, 'I'm an artist from the middle of n
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Everyone Is Blindsided By The Weirdest Ad Amazon Never Produced

Amazon is everywhere, and it’s difficult to find a person that hasn’t used their services at least once in their lives. Millions of people buy things from them on a daily basis, so it makes sense that they can afford to take a risk or two with their marketing strategy before the internet decides to meme it for them. However, nobody would expect them to take the postmodern approach that recently graced the TikTok feed of @eddyburback . He took to Twitter to show a recording of an ad he had just …
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Memers Challenge Gay Stereotypes Just in Time for Pride

It's not all rainbows.
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Burger King Dragged For Attempt To Use Sexist Tweet As Bait

Posting ironic misogyny on International Women's Day is probably a bad idea.
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17 Amusing Times Customers Were Let Down By Dishonest Advertising | short flamingo dress for people without a torso | Magic heat sensitive mug smiley face stuck between hot and cold

Disappointing Times People Were Victims Of Dishonest Advertising

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Twitter thread from lawyer about hypocritical brands posting about black lives matter, microsoft, reese's, hershey's, prada | Respectable Lawyer @RespectableLaw Microsoft built products using cobalt extracted by 8-year-old mining slaves Democratic Republic Congo. Microsoft O @Microsoft 22h #NewProfilePic Today will continue uplift voices Black and African American community at Microsoft | Respectable Lawyer @RespectableLaw Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are made using cocoa extracted by 8- year-old

Twitter Thread Calls Out Hypocrisy Of 'Woke' Brands' Black Lives Matter Posts

Virtue signaling is easy.
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Funny random tweets, relatable tweets, cute tweets, twitter gems, dating, relationships, lockdown, quarantine | drake gatsby @DrakeGatsby Having vasectomy is just real life version putting Sims pool and deleting ladder 7:45 PM 5/11/20 Twitter iPhone

Fresh Twitter Gems To Amuse The Masses

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They're Fake As Hell

Funny tweet about how companies arent going to do anything for pride since there are no celebrations because of coronavirus | Lumberzack @ltsLumberzack corporations learning there won't be any pride festivals this year: schmox @IvoryGazeIIe 10/5/17 see you in hell you stupid fruit
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design fails | two different billboards placed on top of each other: Childhood obesity. Don't take lightly Food Stamps can help. Call 1-888-328-3483 see if quality my kinda shoppin' spree. McDonald's. funeral wreaths: Fourth July is Thursday, July 4.

22 Design Fails By Dummies Who Only Had One Job

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Funny brand logos that reflect social distancing | Starbucks mermaid logo wearing a face mask | Corona beer Need new name. Extra

Brands Are Changing Their Logos To Reflect Social Distancing Measures

Can brands just chill for five seconds?
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Funny tweets about baby nut after super bowl liv | Saint Vic @vic_xo_ No tf he doesn't cartoon peanut can't even compete @OnAirJackson1 15h Jackson Ammons Baby Yoda has some competition #BabyNut  Hector J. Navarro @HectorNavarro_ would mash Baby Peanut pulp and feed Baby Yoda sandwich

Baby Nut Is Inspiring Some Hilariously Violent & Angry Tweets

Nice try, Planters.
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