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peace marketing McDonald's whopper burger king burgers Video - 73810177

Dark Days Ahead: Burger King Wants to Make a McWhopper With McDonald's in the Name of Peace

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That's How You Do Marketing

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The Trophy to Beat All Trophies

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Rethinking the Brand of the Killer Whale

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Who's the Marketing Genius Who Came Up With This One?

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Beijing's Awesome Captain America/S.H.I.E.L.D. Marketing

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Genius Marketing of the Day: Pepsi Pranks London Bus Commuters With Augmented Reality

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At Least He Didn't Tweet With Mittens On

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The Next Step in Marketing

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Marketing 101

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Know Your Target Audience

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Marketing Done Right

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This Xbox Campaign Went Horribly Wrong

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The Greatest Marketing Scheme Ever, Revealed

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That's One Wild Ride

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