It's a me Mario! If you've got a thing for the world's favorite animated plumber and generational hero, then you'll get a barrel of laughs and power up from these jokes.

Oh Joy

A meme that likens when a friend brings someone you don't like to an event to a scene in a Mario game. Luigi joins.
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The Next Adventure

Death Memes mario - 9027266560
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How Italians break stuff.

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39 More Magical Memes to Make the Most out of Your Day

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bowser block bowser mario nintendo - 85049601

Bowser Block: When Parental Controls Don't Work

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Mario irl

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Meanwhile at the go kart track… things are about to get serious.

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You vs. the guy she tells you not to worry about.

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Grand Theft Auto mario super mario odyssey - 84779521

Real Super Mario Odyssey Gameplay Surfaces

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shigeru miyamoto Super Mario bros mario - 84709889

How Miyamoto Designs a Game

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super mario mario - 1354757

It's Taken 26 Years for Some People to Find This Super Mario World Secret

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The God of Gaming Weighs in.

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Anticipated Games We Might See in 2017

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Someone at Nintendo is Trying to Tell Us Something

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Mama Mia!

Super Mario bros mario - 8999137280
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IRL parody video games mario - 84369665

Super Mario Run IRL Involved a Lot of Parkour

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