It's a me Mario! If you've got a thing for the world's favorite animated plumber and generational hero, then you'll get a barrel of laughs and power up from these jokes.

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16 Freshly Harvested Dank Memes For The Weirdos

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Do Ittt

Tumblr caption that reads, "Voter registration" where there are checkboxes below that read, "Democratic party," "Republican party" and "Mario party;" someone comments below "Don't forget to register to vote!"
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Seems Real Fishy...

Tumblr post caption that reads, "Kinda worried that Nintendo is trying to warn us something" above a screencap of icons from 'Pokemon Go' and 'Mario Run'
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30 Times Tumblr Gems Got Us Laughin'

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Waluigi's The Winner!

A Waluigi-themed Ouija board
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Can't Hold It Back Anymore

Funny meme of Elsa from Frozen but it's actually Mario.
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This Photo Of Shaved Mario Has Scarred The Internet For Life

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Ryan Regrets His Choice

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16 Freshly Harvested Dank Memes To Spice Things Up

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Sadly Relatable

Funny meme with mario about never accomplishing anything new.
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(Dramatic Music Intensifies)

Funny meme of a peach smoking a cigarette, supposed to be Princess Peach, saying she hasn't heard the names mario and luigi in years.
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