Funny collection of web comics from C. Cassandra that are relatable where being a woman is concerned, makeup, fashion, dating, being awkward.

15 Funny and Relatable Web Comics From C. Cassandra

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Collection of funny memes about fashion, sex, high school, school, sleep, star wars, alcohol, food, dogs, dating, relationships, being single.

Meme Report: Early Edition

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makeup Memes - 9026693376
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People Drawing Memes on Their Eyelids Is Our New Fav Makeup Trend

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makeup movies - 1416453

Amazing Movie Makeup Transformations

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Seems Like He Knew What He Was Getting

makeup SpongeBob SquarePants dating image - 8998923520
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Next You'll Say She's Only Got a Normal Human's Healing Factor

dating image makeup wolverine - 8985732352
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Which One Are You?

puns makeup - 8984856576
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makeup Video stranger things - 82855169

Now You Can Be Just Like Barb From Stranger Things With This Freaky Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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makeup Video - 82448129

Makeup Artist Transforms Into Steve Buscemi

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Now It's True Love

image dating makeup Now It's True Love
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Every Time You Try to Look Nice

web comics makeup eyeliner Every Time You Try to Look Nice
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makeup arrested development Video - 81949441

Watch This Makeup Artist Turn Into Buster Bluth

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makeup Video parks and recreation - 81698817

Watch a Woman Use the Power of Makeup to Become Ron Swanson

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makeup wtf beauty Video - 81585409

Everything You Didn't Need to Know About the Beauty Trend "100 Coats Challenge" is in This One Epic Video

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makeup Video - 81251841

Jenna Marbles Took That Highlighter Make up Challenge to the Next Level

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