tweets that nobody asked for, literally no one

14 Trending Tweets That 'Literally No One' Asked For

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makeup Terrifying youtube creepy Bratz Doll makeup artist wtf transformation - 7675397

Women Are Transforming Themselves Into Bratz Dolls And It's Hella Creepy

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Funny meme about women at sephora
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Holy Shizz

Caption that reads, "This is exactly what we need in life" above a pic of a store that has two different-colored shopping baskets that indicate whether you want help out or not
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cover image about pyramid schemes in your Dm's

17 Pyramid Scheme Memes And Fails That'll Make You Feel Sad For Humanity

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pyramid scheme scammer getting schooled

Persistent MLM Salesperson Gets Totally Shut Down By An Internet Hero Armed With Facts

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makeup memes, beauty memes

17 On-Fleek Makeup Memes That Are Guaranteed To MAC You Blush

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Well Played

Dad and son in a car with caption that reads, "Son: Dad, why is my sister named Makeup Tutorials? Dad: Because it was in your mother's search history; Son: Thanks, Dad; Dad: No problem -----"
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makeup memes

15 Relatable Makeup Memes That'll Make You Blush

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Or Was She Born With It?

Tweet that reads, "Did they ever find out if it was Maybelline?"
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Sleep > Looking Good

Photo of ET in a dress with the caption, "Me every night: I'm gonna get up super early tomorrow and make myself look pretty; Me every morning at work:"
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wtf makeup

17 pics Of WTF Makeup Skills That'll Make You Do A Double Take

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makeup twitter rihanna funny - 5349125

People Are Sarcastically Recreating Rihanna's Body Lava Demo On A Budget

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42 Funny Memes To Help Cure Your Sunday Blues

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40 Hilarious Memes To Help You Seize The Day

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Has Makeup Artistry Gone Too Far?

Funny meme about makeup and lip colors, suggesting that the color of your butthole might be your best lip color.
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