Funny and relatable tweets about money and about being poor, girls at sephora, makeup, flirting, babies and lots of other fun topics that noone asked them to "GO THERE"

18 Amusing & Relatable Tweets For Anyone Who Needs A Light Chuckle

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'Instagram vs. Reality' meme | 'Instagram vs. Reality' meme - Trisha Paytas | Woman - R

'Instagram vs. Reality' Memes Show How Damn Fake People Are On Social Media

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Funny relatable memes for women

18 Girly Memes & Tweets That Are A Little Too Relatable

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woman leaves review for eyeliner that stayed on after a car accident

Girl Leaves Insanely Savage Review For Eyeliner After Being Hit By A Car

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Okay Cosmo...

Cosmopolitan headline that reads, "These heavenly 'halo brows' are strangely beautiful" above pics of a girl with connected eyebrows that vaguely resemble a halo
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Pyramid Scheme Memes

15 Pyramid Scheme Memes And Posts That Really Deliver The Cringe

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tweets that nobody asked for, literally no one

14 Trending Tweets That 'Literally No One' Asked For

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makeup Terrifying youtube creepy Bratz Doll makeup artist wtf transformation - 7675397

Women Are Transforming Themselves Into Bratz Dolls And It's Hella Creepy

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Funny meme about women at sephora
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Holy Shizz

Caption that reads, "This is exactly what we need in life" above a pic of a store that has two different-colored shopping baskets that indicate whether you want help out or not
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cover image about pyramid schemes in your Dm's

17 Pyramid Scheme Memes And Fails That'll Make You Feel Sad For Humanity

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pyramid scheme scammer getting schooled

Persistent MLM Salesperson Gets Totally Shut Down By An Internet Hero Armed With Facts

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makeup memes, beauty memes

17 On-Fleek Makeup Memes That Are Guaranteed To MAC You Blush

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Well Played

Dad and son in a car with caption that reads, "Son: Dad, why is my sister named Makeup Tutorials? Dad: Because it was in your mother's search history; Son: Thanks, Dad; Dad: No problem -----"
Via TheCommunist_Scholar
makeup memes

15 Relatable Makeup Memes That'll Make You Blush

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Or Was She Born With It?

Tweet that reads, "Did they ever find out if it was Maybelline?"
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