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A Series of Oddly Hair Raising Eyebrows

So much pomade
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TikToker Gags the Internet Doing Makeup on Homophobic Dad

Oh my god
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TikTok where a skincare influencer talks about how she trained herself to not use the muscles in her face to avoid getting wrinkles

Freaky Skincare Influencer Trains Her Face To Not Express Emotions To Avoid Wrinkles

How far would you go to avoid aging? Most of us have at least some semblance of a skincare routine , while others break the bank on various exfoliators and lotions and goos. If you're really terrified at the prospect of getting lines on your face, you might invest in botox or even a facelift. No matter what lengths you'll go to to look young, you probably haven't gone as far as skincare influencer, Isabelle Lux . Along with an intensive beauty and skincare regiment, Isabelle Lux has quite liter…
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Girl Who Recently Went Viral for Having a "Hot Girl" Mugshot, Confesses on TikTok that it was Actually Her Passport Photo

Girl Who Recently Went Viral for Having a "Hot Girl" Mugshot Confesses on TikTok that it was Actually Her Passport Photo

She was so excited to see her photo featured on the infamous @mugshawtyss, but she breaks the hearts of fans when she reveals the truth.
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Funny story of an entitled bride-to-be who wants her hair and makeup done for free | You really charge that much?! That is a lot of money!! I was hoping you would offer to do it for free... maybe as a wedding present to me. I could probably give you £10 for your travel but if you're coming to the wedding then I don't really see why I should... We haven't spoken for 10 years and the first time we do you're texting me to ask me to do your MU for your wedding for fre... I appreciate you don't have

Bridezilla Flips on Makeup Artist For Refusing to Provide Free Labor

Holy entitlement, Batman.
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Woman Roasts Barista For Not Making Coffee To Match Her Foundation Shade

It's very specific
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People Call Out All The Aesthetics They Hate With “This Style Sucks” Trend

So much ugly
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Younique Makeup Fails That Are the Definition of a Scam

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Funny meme about makeup tutorial, winged eyeliner, bird joke, bird meme, birds on glasses, youtube | hello youtube today i will teach u how to get this winged eyeliner look
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Funny and cringey photos of bad eyebrows | woman with worried expression standing behind Donald Trump | person with thick rectangular drawn eyebrows

Cringeworthy Eyebrows In Need Of A Trip To Sephora

You already know we included Leonid Brezhnev in this gallery.
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Funny memes about makeup | all needed brow pencil and walk out $341.82 later SEPHORA patrick star with thick lips | getting ready kill bitch who been hitting on man but u want ur makeup be on point person using a knife to apply makeup

Fifteen Makeup Memes For Pros And Noobs Alike

Calling all MUAs!
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Funny text message conversation about pyramid scheme company Acti Labs

'Boss Babe' Gets Called Out For Working For A Pyramid Scheme

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No, I'm Not Sick

Funny meme about how when you use concealer you still look like you have dark circles under your eyes, featuring DW from the childrens show Arthur.
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Photos of Hollywood actors before and after makeup

Dramatic Hollywood Makeup Transformations (40 Pics)

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Funny dank memes entitled, 'Putting on Clown Makeup' | Person - "Yea sure l'll not count as overtime anything say boss s ok because one day be boss don't deserve 15$ an hour work doing anyways Poors who complain need just work harder | Person - "Felt cute might delete later Thoughts and prayers Instagram does not have permission sell or use my photos or conversations

'Putting On Clown Makeup' Memes Are Blowin' Up On The Internet

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It All Makes Sense Now

Funny meme about how Taylor Swift is actually Napoleon Dynamite in drag
Via PsychopathicCircus
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