A Modern Day Miracle

god lightning - 8014035200
By Unknown

That Lightning is Getting Serious

gifs mindwarp lightning trees - 7949001984
By beernbiccies

Looks Like It's Storming Out

yikes gifs lightning storms funny - 7897756416
By Unknown

The Origin of Lightning

weather lightning funny web comics - 7870398208
Via Unearthed Comics

Close Encounter With Lightning

gifs lightning funny - 7856738048
By Unknown

Stormy Out, Eh?

mindwarp gifs lightning funny - 7825349632
By ToolBee


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By Unknown

Lightning Hits Power Line

yikes gifs power lines close call lightning funny - 7655119360
By Unknown

Way Too Close to Lightning

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By Unknown

CSI: Final Fantasy

final fantasy gifs Deal With It lightning - 7605629440
By TheMenCouncil

Good Guy Lightning?

man died lightning deaf - 7338158848
By Intyze

That's Why He Looks Shocked

shock gifs patrick star lightning bad puns - 7257458944
By Iron-man01

Arcing Lightning Through Power Lines

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By Unknown

"We've Gotta Save the Catholic Church, Marty!"

back to the future movies lightning - 7058476800
By stevieb0y

Lightning Crashes Extremely Close By

nature yikes crashes gifs close lightning - 7020186880
By Unknown

Volcanos Are Terrifying

scary wtf volcano lightning - 3437418240
By mcb1714