Thor Was There

Thor mindwarp gifs lightning - 8475860480
By Unknown

Bats At Night In Lightning

mindwarp gifs bats lightning - 8409539840
By ToolBee

They Happen Outside

men lightning funny women - 8413482496
By Unknown

Death Is at the End of the Rainbow

disappointment lightning funny rainbow - 8382251520
By Unknown

Way Too Close to Lightning Crashing

memes nature yikes gifs lightning - 8349955328
By Unknown

So That's What a Truck Getting Struck By Lightning Looks Like

yikes FAIL gifs lightning trucks - 8346137088
By anselmbe

How to Erase CDs

cds mindwarp gifs data lightning - 8332133888
By anselmbe

Thor Is Either Happy or Angry

Thor lightning funny rainbow - 8295091968
By Unknown

Simply Amazing

gifs lightning - 8289071104
By Unknown

Copenhagen's Lightning

gifs lightning - 8278941440
Via OliverAnd

God Doesn't Approve of Your Selfies

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By Unknown

Rainbow Rage

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By anselmbe

Meanwhile, at Square Enix...

final fantasy gifs lightning - 8229928192
By Travis_Touchdown

Lightning Hits a Moving Truck

yikes gifs close call lightning - 8218065152
By Unknown
nightmare fuel lightning Video - 60943873

Nightmare Fuel

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Wizards Casting Lightning Into The Sky

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By Unknown