It's Thunderstorm Season and TikTokers are Sharing Their Eerie Yet Beautiful Videos of the Storms

It's Thunderstorm Season and TikTokers are Sharing Their Eerie Yet Beautiful Videos of the Storms

Insane lightning, earth rattling thunder, hail the size of golf balls—it's all so terrifying, yet also somehow breathtaking.
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Funny meme about how Harry Potter's scar is actually supposed to symbolize the killing curse and not a lightning bolt like everyone thought
Via Kingrablo

Driving to her house

lightning - 8990187264
Via Hypercat-Z

Would You Say it Really...BUGS You?

web comics puns lightening bugs Would You Say it Really...BUGS You?
Via Nate Fakes

This Is Why Lightning Exists

Via nonose100

Tree's Got Those Lightning Reflexes

Via candyrocketcomic

Poor Billy Muscleteen Never Had a Fighting Chance!

Via pickledcomics

Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning Campaign in the wild!

fashion final fantasy lightning - 8608090880
By Fawfulster (Via atomix)

Lightning Strikes Twice

final fantasy Fan Art lightning deus ex - 8604343040
By Travis_Touchdown (Via mathiaarkoniel)

Dafuq is This Louis Vuitton Interview With Lightning?

final fantasy lightning louis vuitton interview
Via The Telegraph

Final Fantasy's Lightning is One Hell of a Fashion Model

final fantasy lightning fashion model louis vuitton
Via Nicolas Ghesquiere
Who needs a real life model when you've got Lightning wearing your clothes? Reality and fantasy become one : lightning a genuine heroine in the new @louisvuitton series 4 ad campaign A video posted by 🆖 (@nicolasghesquiere) on Dec 25, 2015 at 1:38pm PST Iconic fashion brand Louis Vuitton has tapped the pink haired heroine as the face of their Spring-Summer 2016 collection. Lightning has appeared before in ads for Prada with the rest of the XIII cast, but this is the first time she'll be headli…

Strike it Up

gifs lightning - 8583889152
By tamaleknight

Lightning Crashes

Via Bing

Lightning Always Has to Get Her Facetime

final fantasy gifs final fantasy xV lightning - 8337140736
Via killatopak

Lightning Crashes

FAIL gifs lightning live nature scary yikes - 6497837568
By Unknown

Lucky Escape From Lightning Blast

close call escape gifs lightning mindwarp - 6554447360
By _C_A_T_ (Via Break)
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