tumblr goes into how messed up learning other languages can be

This Tumblr Thread Highlights How F*cked Up Languages Are

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15 Translations That Went Completely Wrong

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Funny sexual insults of yore, history, words.

16 Antiquated Sexual Insults, Just In Time For Valentine's Day

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Funny twitter game, #makeabandlessinteresting, music, rock and roll, bands, music bands, metallica.

Twitter Is Getting Clever With The #MakeABandLessInteresting Hashtag

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It DOES Make Sense

Funny meme about someone suggesting the dictionary change "toothpaste" to "teethpaste."
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Collection of funny memes about friends, phones, snapchat, dating, relationships, drinking, superheroes, dogs, animals, netflix, sex.

44 Memes To Help You Beat The Sunday Blues

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Yo Quiero Taco Bell

Funny meme about how taking Spanish for four years amounts in no new knowledge.
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Every Day We Stray Further From God

Funny meme about how people speak on the internet.
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Funny meme putting Eminem in an Elizabethan outfit and changing the lyrics to Lose Yourself to the language of the time.
Via adam.the.creator

I Am Shakespeare

Funny meme about when you type "tis" instead of "its" with an image of a person in Elizabethan clothing in front of a computer shrugging.
Via adder4all

Hope There's Extra Credit

Funny meme - man asks if he's in the "stop taking things literally" class, professor says yes, take a seat. The man takes a seat out of the room, proving he really does need to stop taking things literally.
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Jaden smith whoa face at the fact that crisp starts in the back of your mouth and ends in the front, funny meme.
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Funny meme about being an intellectioal: when your friends pronounce words incorrectly and you laugh because you feel superior.
Via dabmoms

Which Is It

A meme that focuses on words - variations of errors when people mean to say intents and purposes.
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Rolling in that Grave

Shakespeare: I wonder how much the english language will progress. Modern day: people calling milk cereal sauce meme twitter.
Via @mememang
english language memes

18 Reasons Why the English Language is Utterly Infuriating

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