Ghostwriter is So Upset

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Movie Franchise Lexicon: Remake or Reboot or Reimagination or Retcon?

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Via empire online

Translation Guide Fixed for Work

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The Newest Batch of Proposed German Words for the Human Condition

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Via NY Times: Opinion Pages

A Handy Anglo-EU Translation Guide

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What Do Some Animals Sound Like in Other Languages?

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Via James Chapman

I Could Do This For Hours

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Practice Makes Perfect

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It's All in the Language

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How Do You Pronounce "GIF"?

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I Still Don't Know What Irony Means, Is That Ironic?

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Every Problem Gets You XP

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Throw a Le on It

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Ever Wanted to Speak Penguin? Here's Your Chance.

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Via Alternative Penguin Jokes


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What Other Words Do You Need?

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