tumblr thread about the full version of classic proverbs | curiosity killed cat is actually not full phrase actually is"curiosity killed cat but satisfaction brought back" so don't let anyone tell not be curious little baby okay go and be interested world See also: Blood is thicker than water- blood covenant is thicker than water womb. Meaning relationships formed by choice are stronger than those formed by birth.

Tumblr Thread Reveals True Meaning & Full Versions Of Classic Proverbs

Definitely not what our mother's wanted s to believe.
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Ich Verstehe Nicht

Funny meme that reads, "My German friend: 'what time is it?' Me: 'nine;' My German friend: ..." above a meme of Elijah Wood in Lord of the Rings saying, "Alright then, keep your secrets"
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Funny reasons the english language makes no sense.

40 Frustrating Reasons The English Language Is Full Of Sh*t

Is there any language more illogical?
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Funny meme that reads, "Customer: cargo space? Me: car no do that. Car no fly"
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Funny duolingo owl video meme, evil duolingo owl.

Terrifying Duolingo Video Will Make Sure You Don't Miss Your Lessons

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Memes about duolingo owl.

26 Duolingo Memes That'll Strike Fear In Your Heart

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Funny relatable memes

46 Silly Pics That'll Tickle Your Funny Bone

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Why Yes, That Does Help!

Tumblr post that reads, "Whenever I'm sad I just think about how the Welsh word for microwave is 'popty ping;'" someone comments below, "That...that helps"
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Funny language memes and posts.

31 Clever Language Posts For The Cunning Linguists

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funny memes of people using the wrong words

15 Painful Times People Used The Wrong Words

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Funny meme about clothespins being called laundry boys.
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tumblr goes into how messed up learning other languages can be

This Tumblr Thread Highlights How F*cked Up Languages Are

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pics Bad Translator wtf translation english language funny image - 5225733

15 Translations That Went Completely Wrong

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Funny sexual insults of yore, history, words.

16 Antiquated Sexual Insults, Just In Time For Valentine's Day

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Funny twitter game, #makeabandlessinteresting, music, rock and roll, bands, music bands, metallica.

Twitter Is Getting Clever With The #MakeABandLessInteresting Hashtag

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It DOES Make Sense

Funny meme about someone suggesting the dictionary change "toothpaste" to "teethpaste."
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