Doing a number on that keyboard. Jamming and typing and playing away, whatever you use it for, the keyboard will provide.

Hipsters Took It Too Far This Time

hipsters ipad keyboard typewriter yo dawg - 5879125248
By Joanna

A Simple Space

dumb keyboard space star wars the internets wordplay - 5879980288
By selimword25

I Don't Remember Eating That

Bar Graph computers crumbs keyboard - 5869744896
By Jonathan Martin

Where's C++ When You Need It?

c computers How People View Me keyboard mouse - 5878400768
By Unknown

Comixed: One Stop Shop

awesome best of week keyboard Memes - 5845552640
By Unknown

Where Did You Get All of Those L's and O's?

computers IRL keyboard trololo - 5856311808
By el.carl2

Never Gonna Pay Your Wage

check IRL keyboard rick roll - 5764605440
By Unknown

Cat World Problems

computer First World Problems keyboard sleep warmth - 5733040384
By Unknown

I Had Already Spent It In My Mind

IRL keyboard money - 5680565504
By KaiDerpina

Never Away From Keyboard

keyboard relationships shift Yahoo Answer Fails - 5628480000
By gooey_kablooie

Thanks Laughing Mantis!

animals best of week critters gifs keyboard lol mantis - 5676065024
By Unknown

When a Mantis Laughs, You Know It's Good

bugs gifs keyboard lol Memes praying mantis - 5676104704
By Unknown

Aw Yeah, Accessibility

keyboard Rage Comics video games - 5579397120
By Unknown

Right Above JK

forever alone keyboard Sad - 5549649152
See all captions By Unknown

That's Racist!

best of week jews keyboard Memes money piano racism - 5575164928
By Unknown

Lame Pun Coon: I Just Can't Put My Finger on It

keyboard Lame Pun Coon refresh - 5539692544
See all captions By JamieJuice